Lost My Mets Hope Springs Eternal – Spring Training Magic

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I was incredibly impressed with the response to my last posting. The traffic was tremendous and I can only assume, especially since there were only five comments, it was because there is a silent majority of Mets fans out there who are thinking the same thing. This is the first Spring Training in history (at least in my history) where hope is not Springing eternal and here’s why…

For me, this Spring Training started out as any other. The players showed up, most in great shape, Terry Collins proved pretty quickly that he runs a tight ship and I am a huge fan of Sandy Alderson. He’s the only person qualified to handle this unique mess.

One thing bothers me though…. The current ownership group was exposed for flat out lying to the fans by stating their Madoff losses would have no effect on the team. At the same time we are finding out the exact opposite from the traditional media.

The NYTimes reports the Mets lost $50 million last year. They stand to lose an additional $50 million this year. Forbes has shaved off $100 million in worth from the Mets in 1 year. The Mets, now valued at $700 million, minus $500 million of which is debt, means the Wilpon’s have a team worth $200 million to them. Continue to lose $50 million a year and the team is worthless in 4 years.

As Mets fans do you accept that? Do you accept being a worthless, potentially last place team in the largest media market in the world?  Oh yeah, you also compete with the NY Yankees so many of those paying fans are never coming back.

We all think that payroll is being freed up for major acquisition’s but it really looks like payroll is being freed up to cover losses. When you lose $50 million a year you’re not going out and signing any big free agents. The Mets just don’t have the money and since they’re already awash in debt they can’t borrow and spend their way out of this predicament.

This is an ownership that refused to remove Omar Minaya on numerous occasions. This same stubbornness is the reason why the Wilpons will not relinquish the Mets without a huge fight. They may even attempt to keep the team for years at huge losses just to keep a prized real estate investment in their hands until the day comes when the market is good enough to sell. That’s a long wait, all the while the fans will have to suffer while we watch low payroll teams inhabit the bottom of the NL East for years to come.

Most suspected this day was coming. I was one of those few fans who attended many a game late in the season last year when all other fans gave up and packed it in. Heck, I even went during the famous tornado incident that swept through Queens. Why? Because these tickets couldn’t be sold. No one wanted them. Supply and demand.

My pictures of an empty stadium located here, are on display for all to see, are proof positive as to how many seats were actually empty. Pictures you never saw on TV.

This weekend I was more interested in the UNC-Marquette game than I was in talking about the Mets. Normally, with Opening Day a week away there are plenty of people engaging me in Mets conversation. There was no one even remotely interested this year.

If you’re a fan, you’re entitled to your own opinion and the opinion I am stating is mirroring quite a few Mets fans that I surround myself with. Ticket sales will continue to trend down and the Mets will continue to lose money due to a disinterested fan base. That opinion won’t change until there are a) some positive results on the field or b) the ownership mess is cleared up. It certainly won’t be changed by a media campaign that tells me to be positive.

But definitely leave your comments. Prove me wrong. Would love to catch that “Hope Springs Eternal” magic back in my Baseball Season.


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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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