Video: Mets Weekly Report – Marlins, Beltran, and Phillies

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In this week’s video, Kerel Cooper of On The Black and I talk about the Marlins series that the Mets just took in Miami. We talk about Carlos Beltran (and his knees), Mike Pelfrey’s poor start on Friday night, Willie Harris’ hot bat, and the upcoming series in Philly starting tomorrow.

The Mets will face Hamels, Blanton, and Halladay in Philly this week. That will be a good early season test of how the Mets offense stacks up against some solid pitching. Tomorrow will also be our first look at Chris Young in a regular season game. He goes right into the fire in Philly.

Check out the video below and comment with your thoughts.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Video: Mets Weekly Report – Marlins, Beltran, and Phillies”

  1. As I mentioned before, the pressure now is off the Mets to win a pennant or even have a winning record this year. This is the exact reason why I predict they will make the playoffs and possibly challenge for the division. Its human nature for anyone including professional athletes to perform better when they are comfortable and when people, fans and especially the media in New York do not expect much. I feel many times the Mets players have been treated unfairly in New York, when in fact it is my belief that this team has been poorly managed for years which is the direct caused for this losing mentality. Now that all the house cleaning with upper management has been taken care of we are going to see a new Mets team, one with a winning attitude! You will notice these changes both on the scoreboard and in the standing.


  2. Hi Dave…thank for you reply. I agree with your comments, however I believe it would be a good year for the Mets for the simple fact that many of these players will be motivated by something else. Beltran needs to perform because he needs to show other teams that he still can play and will be playing for a payday. Reyes I believe becomes a free agent in 2012 so I expect big things from him as well for the same reasons. Bay is looking to show people that he deserves the big payday he got last year. K-Rod had a very good spring and may have a big year regarding saves.

    I not saying that this nucleus of players can go several years of winning pennants. But I do think they can catch lightning in a bottle this year and make things happen for the Mets. If they can accomplish this then these same players will have value in which the Mets can get something good back for these players. Which I do think are their future intentions.


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