Video: Mets Weekly Report – Carlos Beltran 2011 Over/Under

PORT ST LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 26:  Carlos Beltr...
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In this week’s Mets Weekly Report, I talked to Kerel Cooper of On The Black about Carlos Beltran and his future with the Mets. We talk about how well he’s been playing so far in 2011 and make some predictions about his stats for the rest of the season.

Kerel caught me with some tough over/under questions about Beltran. Check out the video to see my predictions and whether Beltran will be with the Mets after the non-waiver trade deadline.

Check out the video below and be sure to catch our live streaming Mets fan show every Sunday night at 7pm at Ustream.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Video: Mets Weekly Report – Carlos Beltran 2011 Over/Under”

  1. You lost all credibility when you said Beltran is a career .260 hitter. His career BA is .281. Trading Beltran now would completely rule the Mets out of the wild card chase and prove to the fans that management has given up on this season, causing attendance to tank, and thus costing them more money in lost revenue in the long run.


    1. kyle, good call on the .281 career avg for Beltran. The Mets never were in the wild card chase. They're 6.5 games out with 4 teams ahead of them. That's being on the fringe at best. You lost all credibility when you wrote that trading Beltran would cause attendance to tank. Attendance already did tank WITH Beltran on the team.The Mets lost $50 million last year and are on pace to lose $70 million this year because attendance is down. Beltran in the lineup clearly isn't helping attendance.


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