Contest: Free Mets-Marlins Tickets Aug. 9, 2012

We have another Mets ticket giveaway courtesy of, the only place to buy and sell tickets online without fees. The technology is phenomenal. If you’re buying tickets, you can find the seller that’s closest to you and see their entire history and ratings from other buyers. You don’t end up paying a percentage to the middle man just to buy tickets. It’s the best way for ticket seller and buyers to connect without paying fees.

This week is sponsoring a giveaway to Mets Report readers for a pair of tickets to the August 9, 2012 12:10 pm Mets-Marlins game at Citi Field.

Add a comment below to win the tickets. Explain what you would do at the non-waiver trading deadline if you were the Mets GM. Buy, sell, or hold? And explain why. The best comment wins, judged solely by me and all decisions are final. Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

The contest begins now and runs until July 31, 2012 at 5:00pm EDT.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

9 thoughts on “Contest: Free Mets-Marlins Tickets Aug. 9, 2012”

  1. Hold – The Mets are not going to the playoffs this year. As of the start of the game vs. the D-Backs tonight, they’re 7.5 games out. This means they’re not buyers. They’re really not sellers, either – who would you sell, anyway? You have a lot of young players who aren’t making much money, so if the team is going nowhere, what’s the point of selling them? Let them play. If you’re in selling mode – you’d be selling players with larger contracts. Johan? No. David Wright? Not if you want any tickets sold next year. Jason Bay? We all wish, but you won’t find a buyer. Dickey? He’s getting older, but he’s a great guy for the team, and under team control for next year when the kids that showed promise up to the all-star break have another year of maturity under their belt. Anyone in the bullpen? As much as we want to blow that up – our trash is certainly not another team’s treasure there.

    As a result, they are a HOLD.


  2. The Mets have hit a tough stretch, but they shouldn’t give up just yet. Instead of buying or selling, they should trade major league players for major league players. For example, trade the recently demoted Lucas Duda for bullpen help. Also, the Mets should have accepted the Padres deal of Murphy for a good reliever. If the Mets trade away unnecessary players for bullpen help and maybe a right handed bat, they can make a run at the second wild card. Going full scale buy mode or sell mode wouldn’t make sense for the Mets.


  3. If I were the Mets GM I would hold out at the deadline. I wouldn’t make any major moves. The season is just about over. But I couldn’t let the fans know that the front office isn’t trying to instead of doing absolutely nothing, I would distract the fan-base by resigning David Wright. It gives the fanbase a sign that the front office is really willing to win and push for success in the future. We came into this season with low expectations and we have greatly surpassed those expectations. I am happy with our play and push to be successful but the team that we have here isn’t and wasn’t a team built to win for this season. Our winning team revolves around David Wright, Harvey, Wheeler and the 2014-2015 season. I wouldn’t completely sell out players like Johan because that would send a negative message to the fanbase. I would hold on to our key players and maybe make minor moves like collecting a relief pitcher that doesn’t cost much. (Just to make some sort of move) All in all, If I was the GM, I would make my main priority to re0sign David Wright long term and maybe pick up a cheap relief pitcher like Brandon League.


    1. Good call and that sounds like what Alderson is probably going to do. Everyone liked what the team did in the first half but most people (like me) didn’t think it would last. Nice comment.


  4. I think the Mets should hold. Based on the contending season, it doesn’t seem as if selling or buying would their best bet, unless we started a serious winning streak to up the ante and hype of some of the players. What other major league team would look into players that have been part of a losing team? We are in need for outstanding pitching, long term, and the only way to do this is to hold and wait out for an outstanding deal that the Mets can take advantage of. Making the right moves- the Mets will have a future, if the cards are played right.


  5. SELLLL!- your franchise isnt going anywhere with the players we have now. We have the worst bullpen in the league. you have to sell. get rid of murph bay and maybe evern ike but you have to sell


  6. I would sell. Try to trade minor pieces (i.e. Hairston and Murphy) always with an eye towards next season and beyond. I would cut Bay and hope that someone picks him up and pays at least the small minimum of his salary they would be required to pay. I would bring up Wheeler.

    In an ideal world I would trade David Wright and re-sign him in the off season. With the lack of quality 3rd basemen you might be able to pick up a small piece or 2 for the future. However, David has been a true blue Met and face of the franchise from day one and I would have to take him at his word that he wants to be a Met for his entire career and not leave him with a 3 month gap on his baseball card. On the flip side, David deserves to be in the playoffs again and if I could get him on playoff bound team I would let him make the decision.


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