Waiting for Godot or Santana

The waiting for Johan Santana seems to have reached the truly gaming stage. He isn’t signing with the Twins. We know that… he already turned down their initial offer. They just can’t afford to keep him.

The richest franchises in baseball are lurking in the weeds. The Mets, Red Sox, and Yankees are the only teams rumored to have any interest in meeting his salary demands. We don’t know exactly what those demands are, but it’s safe to assume that he’ll want Barry Zito money. Something in the neighborhood of 7 years and $125M would be about right for him. Who else could afford that? The Dodgers and Angels… maybe.

I say keep waiting. The price will go down after the season starts. The Mets have enough starting pitching to get things started, but will need to make a trade before the July 31 non-waiver deadline. I’m okay with Perez, Pedro, Maine, and El Duque. Maybe Pelfrey or Humber can work their way in as well. It’s not enough to scare the best teams in the league, but it can get us started.

Until then we’re stuck waiting for Godot. The pitcher that never comes.

Understanding Oliver Perez

Currently Oliver Perez is 2-1 with a 3.31 ERA. These days statistics like that are very respectable for a starting pitcher. It’s certainly not bordering on Bob Gibson territory, but respectable.

Perez’ stats don’t tell the whole story. He’s been a roller coaster ride full of extreme highs and extreme lows. I have a feeling that we need to get used to that. His story is the opposite of Tom Glavine, who’s been the model of consistency over his long career.

Yesterday, Perez was masterful through the sixth inning.  He ended up going 6.2 innings with 9 K’s and no walks. That’s right… no walks!  Who would’ve ever guessed that?

I can see that Rick Peterson has made some improvements while coaching Perez. He doesn’t look like he’s overthrowing his fastball as often as he used to. Now the key is to start working on consistently good starts.

Pitching Staff Comes Back to Earth

The first week of the season was like a dream. John Maine and Oliver Perez were lights out. El Duque looked like he was 30 again. This week things aren’t looking so great. The Mets are still tied for first place with the Braves at 7-3. But we can see why everyone was so concerned about the pitchers before the season started. Maine and Perez both struggled in their second starts. Last night Mike Pelfrey came back from the minors and was shaky, wild, and didn’t even make it out of the sixth inning (the benchmark for a quality start).

I know the cold wet weather has been dreadful in the early part of the season. Today is a perfect mid-50’s day for baseball but there’s a big storm coming in that should last for the next three days. There’s no discounting that the terrible April weather has affected the game for many teams.

The Mets really miss Pedro Martinez. They need that #1 starter. For most teams Glavine would be a 2, El Duque a 4, Maine a 5, and Perez and Pelfrey would be honing their skills in AAA. I know that Oliver Perez has flashes of brilliance, but he’s frustratingly inconsistent.  Mike Pelfrey just needs more time to prepare to face major league hitters. He even had a rough start in single A last week in Florida.

Even with these obvious deficiencies, I think the Mets are in better shape than they were last season. Jose Lima made four starts last year. I think that says it all! We’re going to see Aaron Sele or Chan Ho Park making starts at some point in the near future. I’m not excited by that prospect, but it’s no fun watching Perez and Pelfrey walking every other batter either.

The 2007 NL East Arms Race

After getting swept by the Braves in their opening series, today the Phillies traded cash for Blue Jays pitcher Francisco Rosario. The cash was reported to be $100,000. Rosario is a 26 year old with a 1-2 record and 6.65 ERA last year for the Jays. After both Ryan Madson and Tom Gordon got lit up by the Braves this week, Phillies GM Pat Gillick hit the panic button. Continue reading “The 2007 NL East Arms Race”

Alay Soler was cut today

Alay Soler
The Mets cut Soler today. I really didn’t see him earning a spot on the major league team. Last year he was 2-3 with a 6.00 ERA, the complete game shutout against the D-Backs was great, but other than that I was never impressed. He looked out of shape, and inconsistent for most of his starts. Read the ESPN report at:

Personally, I like Pelfrey, Perez, and Maine for the final three spots in the rotation. Sele is totally washed up, Sosa could be the long man, and Humber needs more time. Vargas pitched today, and gave up two runs over three innings. I need to see more of him before I rush to judgment. It looks like Vargas has options so we’ll probably see him in Norfolk for much of the season.