Mets and Braves in Atlanta- 3 Game Series

Here’s the lineup for the weekend series in Atlanta:

Friday April 6 7:35pm SNY– Oliver Perez against Mark Redman

Saturday April 7 3:55pm FOX– Glavine against Smoltz

Sunday April 8 1:05pm SNY– El Duque against Kyle Davies

Mark Redman is a pretty low level starter. He was with KC last year and went 11-10 with a 5.71 ERA. Not very impressive. His career stats are 64-76 with 4.65 ERA. And he doesn’t have Leo Mazzoni around to help anymore. The Mets should hit Redman hard tonight.

The 2007 NL East Arms Race

After getting swept by the Braves in their opening series, today the Phillies traded cash for Blue Jays pitcher Francisco Rosario. The cash was reported to be $100,000. Rosario is a 26 year old with a 1-2 record and 6.65 ERA last year for the Jays. After both Ryan Madson and Tom Gordon got lit up by the Braves this week, Phillies GM Pat Gillick hit the panic button. Continue reading “The 2007 NL East Arms Race”

Commish allows #42 to be worn on April 15th

Jackie Robinson

Cincinnatti’s Ken Griffey, Jr. called Bud Selig asking to wear Jackie Robinson’s #42 on April 15th. That’s the 60th anniversary of Jackie breaking baseball’s infamous color barrier. Selig embraced the idea, and allowed all 30 teams to participate for one day only. So far Torii Hunter, Barry Bonds, and Willie Randolph have publicly acknowledged partcipating. Former Met Mike Cameron will honor Jackie by wearing his number. All 25 Dodger players will also be wearing No.42.

Kudos to Griffey for the great idea. Currently, only Mariano Rivera wears Jackie’s number since it was universally retired 10 years ago. Rivera was grandfathered, having worn the number prior to it’s retirement.

Mets sweep the Cards behind John Maine

What can  you say about a 10-0 game?  Maine was fantastic! He pitched a great seven innings, moving the ball around the zone nicely.  That was a pitching clinic. Even Braden Looper looked good for the Cardinals through five innings, but they left him in to pitch the sixth and he lost it. It was downhill from there for the Cards bullpen. The Mets hitters completely demolished their bullpen. Great two-homer game for Beltran.

Sweeping the Cards at home in nice payback for last year’s playoffs, and an excellent start to the season. I think the Mets will win over 100 games this year. The NL isn’t very good, and the Mets pitching is better than it was last year when they won 97.

Mets/Cardinals Game 3 Analysis

Mets (2-0) Maine 0-0 0.00ERA Cardinals (0-2) Looper 0.00 ERA

I really liked what I saw from John Maine last year. I thought his stuff was above average, and his poise was excellent. He’s got a chance to be an above average big league starter for a long time.

I do wish Braden Looper the best as a starter, but I absolutely couldn’t stand him as a closer. He folded like a tent in big spots as the Mets closer. He hasn’t started a game since he was in Single-A in 1997. The Cardinals are taking a big chance with him, we’ll see what happens tonight.


Game 2 Wrap Up- Mets win 4-1 (Record: 2-0)

We’re 2-0 and El Duque proved me wrong for one start, we’ll see if he can do that 30 more times this year. If so, we’ll be in great shape. Schoenweiss wasn’t impressive in his 2/3 of an inning. I hope he can start earning his 3 year contract. Who had the most hits tonight? Duque, of course, he was 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s and a nice double down the line. Maybe we’ll see him pinch hitting at some point this season.

The guys in the booth seemed to be impressed with Kip Wells, but I just don’t see it. He doesn’t have great velocity, and his breaking balls don’t have that much movement. He’s only got a one year contract so he needs to pitch better than he did tonight if he wants a multi-year deal.

Alou and Green were 0-8 with 11 LOB combined. How soon can we start calling for Milledge to play right field? Soon!

4-1 final score.