On Deck: Monday April 28, 2008

Pittsburgh Pirates (10-15) at New York Mets (13-11)    7:10pm

Ian Snell (2-1) vs. Johan Santana (3-2)


What to watch: The Pirates are a dreadful team in last place in the worst division in baseball. They haven’t made the playoffs since Barry Bonds was there if you can remember back that far. The Mets absolutely have to win two of the three games in this series. Ian Snell’s not a bad pitcher although his last start against St. Louis was poor. The weather is supposed to be terrible with heavy rain predicted for tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be interesting to see what the Mets do with Santana tomorrow. They don’t want to “waste” one of his starts if the game is going to get rained out. The Mets could start a long reliever in case the game can’t be played in full.

Omar Minaya In No Rush To Replace Moises Alou

Minaya insists that the Mets can replace Alou from within until early-mid May when he gets back from hernia surgery. I’ve been arguing here for some time about signing Barry Bonds. A right handed bat, with power, would be a better fit for this team though. The Mets could really use a right handed hitter that can play the outfield and first base.

I don’t believe that Minaya is looking within the organization exclusively to replace Alou. I believe that he doesn’t want to appear desperate publicly.  Sammy Sosa would be a fit if he could play first base, which I don’t see happening. Sosa wouldn’t be happy for long periods of time on the bench and occasional pinch hitting duty though.

There are rumors that Minaya is trying to work a deal with the Tigers for Marcus Thames. Last year he played in 86 games for the Tigers: .242 18 homers 54 RBI. He played 33 games at first base, 33 in LF, 9 in RF, and 6 at DH. The Tigers could use some help in the bullpen too. That’s where the Mets are trying to move some players. This could be a good fit for both teams.

The Best Free Agents Left on the Market

Yesterday Dayn Perry from FoxSports wrote a list of the top free agents left on the market. As you know, I’d like to see the Mets find out what kind of contract that Barry Bonds is looking for. If he wants one or two years at a reasonable price, there’s no reason that the Mets shouldn’t sign him.

You’ve probably heard that the Mets have been talking to Scott Boras about Kyle Lohse for quite some time. Apparently, his contract demands exceed his pitching skills by a wide margin. But Bartolo Colon might be worth a look as a fifth starter for a one year contract. He’s had way too many cheeseburgers and had a bad year last year. But there’s potential there as his Cy Young Award will attest to.