Video: Mets David Wright Meets Media

Position players reported to Port St. Lucie today. Team captain David Wright spoke to the media about his desire to play again. He wants to make sure that he makes every effort to play again before he decides to retire. But he doesn’t know if he’s ever going to be able to play again.

It’s incredibly sad to see a formerly great player go out because of injuries. Wright’s had three surgeries in the last year and a half on his back, neck, and shoulder. So it’s been looking more and more likely that we won’t ever see him play again.

Video: Mets deGrom Talks 2018 Goals

Jacob deGrom talked to SNY this week about his goals for the season. No surprises here, he’s shooting to win the Cy Young Award and World Series. He correctly points out that the health of the pitchers, collectively, is the most important factor in the Mets success this year.

deGrom is going into his 30 year old season in 2018 with just over 3 years of MLB service time. He’ll earn $7.4 million this year and be eligible for arbitration in 2019 and free agency in 2021.

How David Wright May Leave the Mets

David Wright on June 23, 2008Ken Davidoff has a good article in the NY Post this morning about how the Mets and David Wright may part ways. Sadly, it’s been looking more and more like the back, neck, and shoulder surgeries over the past three seasons have ended David’s career. He still plans to show up in a couple of weeks to Port St. Lucie but he hasn’t thrown a baseball in recent memory.

It’s tough to see a hobbled David Wright and “old” Jose Reyes for those of us that reveled in their heyday of the 2000’s and thought that 2006 was “the year” only to fall short to the Cardinals.

Wright still has three more years on his contract. The most likely outcome in my opinion is that he won’t play again and he’ll spend the next 30 years doing media work and making a living “being David Wright” like Keith Hernandez, Ron Darling, Bobby Ojeda, and others.

Mets Sandy Alderson Talks to Fans

Sandy Alderson crop
The truck left Citi Field today packed with equipment for spring training. Pitchers and catchers report in 11 days. I’m ready for some spring training games – I love this time of year.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson spoke to fans gathered to see the truck leave and addressed some important topics from the offseason:

  • Jay Bruce, Adrian Gonzalez, Anthony Swarzak, and Jose Reyes signings bring the Mets payroll to $137M currently
  • The Mets are still looking for infield help and Neil Walker, Eduardo Nunez, and Todd Frazier are still in play
  • Mike Moustakas doesn’t appear to be a fit for the Mets because of cost, loss of a draft pick and international signing money
  • Asdrubal Cabrera wanting to play second base opens up some new options for the Mets to consider filling a hole at third base instead of second