Mets Billy Wagner Claimed By Red Sox

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The Mets have an opportunity to come out from under a total of $3.7 million of Billy Wagner‘s contract. The reports are that he was claimed on waivers by the Boston Red Sox. I’m sure the Mets were shocked that anyone would claim Wagner after coming off Tommy John surgery and only pitching in one game on Thursday night.

The Mets now have until Tuesday to: 1) work out a trade with the Red Sox 2) let Wagner go to the Red Sox for nothing 3) pull Wagner off waivers and keep him for the rest of this season. Of course, option 1 is ideal but it will depend highly on how much of Wagner’s remaining salary ($2.7 million) and next year’s option buyout ($1 million) that the Mets are willing to eat. It also depends on Wagner allowing a trade because he has a full no-trade clause in his contract. The reports are that he wouldn’t allow a trade back to the Phillies but would go to a contender.

The Mets should just let Wagner go for nothing and have the Red Sox pick up the rest of his contract. At this point, the Mets are bordering on becoming one of the worst teams that money can buy in the history of Major League Baseball at almost $2 million per win. The only worse team was the 2008 Seattle Mariners, and that cost almost everyone in the front office and the manager their jobs.

For the sake of his reputation and legacy, Omar Minaya needs to drawn down the Mets financial exposure as much as possible. He’s already responsible for one of the worst trades in MLB history and now he’s on the verge of spending the second most money per win in history. Minaya could very well become known as one of the worst general managers in baseball’s 140 year history.

Red Sox 12 – Mets 5 May 24, 2009

Tim Redding was doing pretty well until he lost it completely in the fifth inning. He ended up giving up 6 runs in 4.2 innings. Redding didn’t get any help from the bullpen either. Especially Brian Stokes couldn’t get anyone out. He gave up 5 runs in 1.1 innings. Overall, it was a poorly pitched game by the Mets.

The Mets offense was highlighted by Ramon Castro (2 for 4) who hit a solo homer in the second inning. They put up 5 runs but all of them were within the first five innings of the game.

Francisco Rodriguez was ready to pitch again today after being hospitalized yesterday with severe back spasms. He didn’t get into the game but should be ready for tomorrow night.

The Mets finish the long road trip at 5-5. Not bad for some tough teams and a west coast swing.


Game Preview: Mets at Red Sox [Game 43] May 24, 2009

red_sox_logo2New York Mets (23-19 Road: 11-11) at Boston Red Sox (25-18 Home: 16-6) 1:35 pm

Tim Reddding (0-0 3.00) vs. Tim Wakefield (5-2 3.59)


What to watch: The Mets go for the road sweep in Boston today. They had a chance in San Francisco but couldn’t finish off the last game. Redding was solid in his first start off the disabled list against the Dodgers going 6 innings and giving up 2 runs in a loss. Wakefield is having a good season for the Sox but he has been hit hard in a couple of games. It all depends on how the knuckle ball is working for him. Hopefully, not very well today.

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Mets 3 – Red Sox 2 May 23, 2009

The Mets pulled out a dramatic win in the ninth inning capped by a 2-run homer by Omir Santos off Jonathan Papelbon for the win. The home run was reviewed on video by the umpires. It just barely made it over the line at the top of the Green Monster, but it was a home run.

Mike Pelfrey went toe-to-toe with Josh Beckett for 7 innings giving up only 2 runs on 6 hits and 1 walk. He looked very good all night, both runs for the Sox were scored in the first inning and Pelfrey shut them out for the next six.

J.J. Putz closed the game because Francisco Rodriguez suffered serious back spasms before the game. He was taken to the hospital in Boston for an examination.

It was a great win in several respects for the Mets. Not the least important is that it was just a dramatic win of a great game in itself. But it also was the fifth win for the Mets on this ten game road trip, which solidifies this as a successful trip. If you can go on the road (and the west coast) and not lose any ground in the standings then you’re doing pretty well.


Game Preview: Mets at Red Sox [Game 42] May 23, 2009

red_sox_logoNew York Mets (22-19 Road: 10-11) at Boston Red Sox (25-17 Home: 16-5) 7:10 pm

Mike Pelfrey (4-1 4.61) vs. Josh Beckett (4-2 5.85)


What to watch: Pelfrey’s last start was very forgettable with what he described as “the yips”. Whatever the yips are caused Pelfrey to balk three times on his way to a loss in San Francisco. Beckett has generally pitched pretty well this season. He got bombed in a couple of starts that threw his ERA out of whack but he can be very tough when he’s on.

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