Latest Citi Field Photos February 2009

Citi Field Logo

I’ve been looking for some great recent photos of Citi Field. WCBS radio in New York posted a photo gallery of the interior of the stadium that are great.

Seeing these pictures really gets me fired up to get to a game there this season. Now that Shea Stadium is completely removed, I’m ready to move on to Citi Field. Forget about all of the political grandstanding about the naming rights to a failing financial services company. I just want to enjoy the new facility.

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Citi Field Luxury Boxes Sell Out

Apparently, things aren’t that bad on Wall Street yet. The Mets announced this week that they sold out their 2009 luxury suites for Citi Field.

The announcement was that 39 Empire Suites went for $275,000 each and 10 Sterling Suites got $500,000 each. That’s great news for the Mets and maybe for us too. The Mets can afford to bring in some big free agents on the backs of the corporations buying up these luxury suites.

Hopefully, we’ll have these same corporations to thank when Manny Ramirez and CC Sabathia arrive in Queens.

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Season Ticket Deposit Due Today

The Mets sent out a letter a few weeks ago to season ticket holders that provided details on the massive price increases to accomodate CitiField. Make sure that you get your 10% deposit in by today to reserve your seats for next season. It’s tough to take a hefty price increase but the Mets are trying to maximize revenue in what the market will bear. It may price some of us out though and leave the corporate entities with all of the tickets. That’s my biggest concern. The “real” fans won’t be in the new stadium.

Read this column by Newsday’s Wallace Matthews for a good description of what’s going on here.


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