Mets Attendance Down in 2012

Citi Field with Shea Stadium's Home Run Apple
Citi Field with Shea Stadium's Home Run Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to ESPN stats, attendance at Citi Field is down about 10% in 2012 through the first 19 home games. The Mets are averaging 27,683 paid per game. They finished 2011 averaging 30,108 in a park with a capacity of 42,000.

The Mets finished 2011 averaging 14th in MLB in home attendance. So far in 2012, they’ve slipped to 16th in the league.

Of course, much of attendance can be attributed to on-field performance. But the Mets have surprised early this season tied for third in the NL East and attendance is still slipping. The visiting opponents have a lot to do with interest in buying tickets as well. So far, the Mets have hosted the Braves, Nationals, Giants, Marlins, D-Backs, Brewers, and Reds.

The backlash against the Wilpons for the Madoff Ponzi scheme lawsuit also has something to do with fans staying away from Citi Field in my opinion. Allowing Jose Reyes to walk away in free agency because of related financial constraints didn’t help sway ticket buyers either.

It’ll be interesting to watch how attendance fluctuates this season. My guess is that the average game attendance continues to slide as the Mets begin to gravitate toward their predicted finish of an under-.500 team.

Mets Have Biggest 2010 Ticket Sales Drop

Florida Marlins at New York Mets wrote back at the end of April that the Mets were experiencing the largest drop in ticket sales this season among MLB teams. That was according to a report in Fanhouse. Since then, things have only gotten worse for the Mets according to the NY Times.

In April, sales were down an average of 6,690 tickets per game. Now they’re down 6,852 tickets per game. Things have gone completely into the toilet. If you’re on the Mets email list, you know how aggressive they’ve become this season trying to sell tickets. It’s become a daily event for them to email about some new ticket sales promotion. Continue reading “Mets Have Biggest 2010 Ticket Sales Drop”

Citi Field Tours

Citi Field
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The Mets announced that they’re going to start offering tours of Citi Field on Memorial Day weekend. It’s only $10 for adults and $7 for kids and senior citizens. The tour is 60 minutes and includes the Empire Suites, the dugout, walking on the field, the clubhouse, and the Mets Hall of Fame.

It sounds like a good deal and I’m surprised that the Mets haven’t offered this sooner. I did a tour of Safeco Park in 2002 when I was in Seattle and it was awesome! I wish I could find the photo of me at the Mariners press conference table. It was a blast though. You’ll love the tour if you do it.

Call the Mets box office to get tickets at 718-507-TIXX.

Mets-Yankees Tickets May 21-23 2010 On Sale

Cap logo of the New York Yankees
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The Mets are putting some more tickets on sale this morning at 10am EDT for the Mets-Yankees series at Citi Field. It goes without saying that these were tickets that they held out from the single game ticket sales expecting them to be sold as part of season or partial season packages. That goes to show you just how few tickets sold this season. I would guess they were especially hard hit in the packages that they’re trying to sell.

The games are listed as:

Friday May 21 7:10pm SNY

Saturday May 22 7:10pm Fox

Sunday May 23 8:05pm ESPN

We’ve written before that they’re running a promotion that weekend too. It’s a cap trade promotion. And we’ve written that 2010 ticket sales are down this year. So it’s a good chance for all of us to get out and see the Mets take on the reigning World Series champs.

Mets Cap Trade Day – May 21-23 2010

Flickr photo courtesy of Ed Yourdon

I am looking ahead to the next few home series and I noticed something very interesting. May 21st – 23 the Yankees are in town. The Mets have some king of weird promotion called Mets cap trade day but the day is for the entire series. The first 5,000 fans at these three games will get a Mets cap. Being that it’s cap trade day are you supposed to trade in a Yankee cap for a Mets one?

If so, how many Yankee fans will be rushing to Citi Field for their free cap? How many Yankee fans will give up their Yankee caps for a Mets one? Will Yankee fans, proud fans of a team that are the defending World Series champions, expect to change allegiances because of a free Mets cap?

Promotion Fail. The person who thought up this promotion should go before Omar or Jerry. Continue reading “Mets Cap Trade Day – May 21-23 2010”

Game Preview: Padres at Mets [Game 7] April 13, 2009

San Diego Padres logoSan Diego Padres (5-2 Road: 0-0) at New York Mets (3-3 Home: 0-0) 7:10 pm

Walter Silva (0-0 3.60) vs. Mike Pelfrey (1-0 7.20)


What to watch: We all know that the game is going to play second fiddle to the opening ceremonies of Citi Field tonight. But there is a game to play. Its going to be a cold one tonight so bundle up if you’re lucky enough to be going to the home opener. The Padres are Jake Peavey, Adrian Gonzalez, and a bunch of nobodies. They do come into town on a four game winning streak after sweeping the Giants. Silva pitched five innings of 2-run ball against the Dodgers in his first start. He’s a 32 year old getting his first taste of the major league game. Pelfrey got a win against the Reds in his first start even though he didn’t pitch particularly well. We need more from Pelfrey if the Mets are going to be contenders this season.

Don’t forget to visit The Mets Report Live Game Chat during the game to chat with other Mets fans!

New York Mets News Top Stories April 9, 2009

oliver-perezAs we recover from the flashbacks of last year’s bullpen this morning, the Mets are preparing for a morning game in Cincinnati. You can read my game preview here. Who knows what to expect from Oliver Perez today? The funny thing about Perez is that he’ll probably be the first pitcher in Mets history to throw a no-hitter. And then in his next start he won’t get out of the first inning against the Pirates.

Onto today’s top stories:

Maury Brown at The Biz of Baseball has a great post about the blackout rules that MLB has for their Extra Innings package and MLB.TV. Make sure you read it if you’re planning to buy one of those. Here in Connecticut I get blacked out from seeing the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox.

Ken Belson at The New York Times writes a nice piece on how the Mets have increased their ticket prices over last season despite the bad economy. He goes into good detail about the tiered packages that the Mets use. Not surprisingly, he writes about how the Mets keep making a higher percentage of the games in the most expensive tiers.

Jim Baumcach at Newsday writes a good column about how Citi Field seems to be embrace the Dodgers and Giants history without giving a complete picture of Mets history. Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry aren’t reprensented in the new stadium.

Marty Noble at writes that Billy Wagner plans to be in Port St. Lucie next week to throw off the mound. He’s recovering from surgery to repair a ligament and muscle in his left arm. Wagner says he plans to be back with the Mets by this August. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t think that the Mets want him back this season. But the thought of having three legitimate closers in the Mets bullpen at the end of this season is exciting for us fans.

Tino Evangelou at Mets Geek has a good post comparing Oliver Perez to Derek Lowe. We’ll be making this comparison for the foreseeable future and Perez won’t stack up very well most likely.

Marty Noble at writes that Jerry Manuel may use Gary Sheffield in the outfield against the Marlins on Sunday. Everyone is waiting to see Sheff right now. I’d like to see him worked into a pinch-hitting appearance within the next couple of days.

The Mets are auctioning off some of their higher end price tier seats for opening day. Its not a good sign when you have to resort to this type of gimmick to sell opening day seats in a new stadium. We’ll have to keep an eye on ticket sales as the season progresses.

Bernie Madoff’s Mets tickets are for sale on eBay. This isn’t a joke.

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