Jose Reyes Out Tomorrow

The SNY post game show interviewed Jose Reyes who said that his hamstring is sore and he won’t play tomorrow. He’s going to take it day by day. He left the game in the fifth inning after being doubled up on a ground ball.

Likely Damion Easley will fill in for Reyes. If a long term solution is needed Anderson Hernandez would be the logical choice but a roster move would be required to get him on the major league roster.

Oliver Perez Inconsistent

The Indians won 5-2 today as Oliver Perez gave up four homers in five innings. Perez was consistently high with his pitches and paid the price. Carlos Beltran hit a bomb to center field and Damion Easley was 2 for 3. Read the full recap at = 1326;picApp_imageId = 6990;picApp_imageWidth = 201;picApp_imageHeight = 302;picApp_configUrl = “”;picApp_Picview=””;picapp_numberOfLine=2;ImageServe();