2012 Mets Still Exceeding Expectations

Sandy Alderson
Sandy Alderson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As Mets fans, we’ve come to expect second half disappointments since the 2007 season. So the 2012 season is nothing new for us. The collapse has come in July and August instead of September like it usually does. But the 2012 Mets are still exceeding my expectations.

Before the season I predicted that this would be a 65-70 win team. Currently, the Mets are on pace to win 73. That would be a solid season for the sad roster that the Mets put together this season.

Let’s face it. The Mets won 77 games last year and then lost one of the best players in team history, Jose Reyes, in free agency. They traded Angel Pagan to the Giants for a bag of balls. What did you really expect? Frank Francisco and Jon Rauch would come in and account for more than 7 wins between them. Continue reading “2012 Mets Still Exceeding Expectations”

Mets Attendance Down in 2012

Citi Field with Shea Stadium's Home Run Apple
Citi Field with Shea Stadium's Home Run Apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to ESPN stats, attendance at Citi Field is down about 10% in 2012 through the first 19 home games. The Mets are averaging 27,683 paid per game. They finished 2011 averaging 30,108 in a park with a capacity of 42,000.

The Mets finished 2011 averaging 14th in MLB in home attendance. So far in 2012, they’ve slipped to 16th in the league.

Of course, much of attendance can be attributed to on-field performance. But the Mets have surprised early this season tied for third in the NL East and attendance is still slipping. The visiting opponents have a lot to do with interest in buying tickets as well. So far, the Mets have hosted the Braves, Nationals, Giants, Marlins, D-Backs, Brewers, and Reds.

The backlash against the Wilpons for the Madoff Ponzi scheme lawsuit also has something to do with fans staying away from Citi Field in my opinion. Allowing Jose Reyes to walk away in free agency because of related financial constraints didn’t help sway ticket buyers either.

It’ll be interesting to watch how attendance fluctuates this season. My guess is that the average game attendance continues to slide as the Mets begin to gravitate toward their predicted finish of an under-.500 team.

Mets Delaying David Wright Contract Extension

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 08:  David Wright #5 of t...

CBS Sports is reporting that the Mets are delaying working on a contract extension for David Wright. I wrote that the Mets should offer Wright a contract to keep him with the team for the foreseeable future. But they’re choosing to wait because of Wright’s recent down seasons and some big contract extensions signed by comparable players recently that would increase the value of any contract Wright would sign

It’s a gamble for both parties to wait on an extension for Wright. If he plays well, it’s in Wright’s best interest to get to free agency and exercise his full market potential. But the Mets are at risk of losing Wright to a contract that they can’t, or won’t, match in free agency like Jose Reyes. Continue reading “Mets Delaying David Wright Contract Extension”

Mets Should Extend David Wright’s Contract

David Wright
David Wright (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the Madoff lawsuit is behind the Mets and their secret loan to MLB is paid off, it’s time to extend David Wright’s contract and make sure that he’s a Met for his entire career. The Mets paid off their bridge loan last week after the Madoff lawsuit settlement and closed on the sale of 12 shares of the team. So the financial “uncertainty”, as we’ve heard it referred to by the Mets, has been removed. They’ve started to settle their debts but they haven’t paid us back yet. The fans. They owe it to us to keep Wright with the Mets for a long, long time.

The Mets let Jose Reyes walk away for nothing because of that financial “uncertainty”. And they can’t let that happen again to Wright.

Wright deserves a similar extension to the one that Ryan Zimmerman signed with the Nationals last month. The former youth teammates should play with their respective teams for years to come. Zimmerman’s extension added 6 years/$100 million to the two years he already had left on his contract. The Nationals did the right thing with Zimmerman. Coincidentally, Wright has one year and a team option left now. Continue reading “Mets Should Extend David Wright’s Contract”

Video: Mets 2012 Spring Training Thoughts

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 17:  Manager Ter...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

I’m glad to get the 2012 spring training season going with the first video of the year with Kerel Cooper of On The Black. In this video we start by touching on our feeling about the Mets moves during the offseason. There weren’t that many acquisitions and one big loss of Jose Reyes to talk about.

We also talk about the changes to the dimensions at Citi Field. The fences came in a bit this year and we discuss the impact that will have on home games.

Check out the video below for the full details and add your comments below.

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Video: Mets David Wright on 2012 Spring Training

New York Mets third baseman David Wright durin...
Image via Wikipedia

David Wright talked to Fox Sports from Port St. Lucie about getting to Florida early and working out with the young guys on the team. It’ll be a shame if the Mets have to let him go at some point in the near future like Jose Reyes. Wright is always so professional with the media and always says the right things. He’s pretty positive even in the face of adversity, maybe to a fault.

I feel like a rebound season is on the horizon for Wright. I think he’ll be the one guy that exceeds expectations this season. I’m not basing that on anything other than a gut feeling and the fact that Wright is starting to come up on the biggest free agent opportunity that he’ll have in his career in the next year or two depending on how the 2013 option plays out.