Video: Mets GM Sandy Alderson Introduced

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 29:  Sandy Alderson answers...
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Here’s a brief video from ESPN of Dave Howard introducing Sandy Alderson to the media as the Mets new general manager today. He said all of the right things but so did Omar Minaya when he was hired. His deeds will mean more than his words.

I think one thing that we can expect is that he won’t have the kind of public meltdown that Minaya had last season when Tony Bernazard got fired.

Here’s the video:

Audio: Mets Management On 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 23:  General Manager Omar Mina...

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As part of their press tour today, we got to hear the Mets brass talk about their disappointment in 2009 and commitment to winning for 2010. What else would they say?

You won’t know just how committed they are until free agency starts and they can start spending. That’s when we’ll find out.

Dave Howard, Jeff Wilpon, and Omar Minaya spent quite a bit of time with Mike Francesa on WFAN this afternoon. He did a nice job of hammering them on Daniel Murphy among other things. It’s a two-part audio you can listen to below.

Mets management Part 1

Mets management Part 2

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