Audio- Trade Deadline Edition- ESPN, Heyman, and Manuel

Here are some audio links regarding the trade deadline rumors and speculation:

Buster Olney, Peter Gammons, and Steve Phillips join Michael Kay on ESPN Radio to talk about the Pudge Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth deal, plus the other trade rumors.

ESPN Audio

SI’s Jon Heyman joins WFAN’s Joe & Evan show with the latest trade talk. Joe Benigno shows why he’s the worst broadcast personality in New York.

WFAN Audio

Mets manager Jerry Manuel joins WFAN for his weekly spot. Unfortunately, Joe & Evan are subbing for Mike and the Mad Dog.

WFAN Audio

Audio- Eddie Coleman And Baseball Today

The news of the Mets tying the Phillies for first place in the NL East has been all over the mainstream media and the blogs today. It’s thrilling to have the team, that was thought to be dead in the water a month ago, back in first place and looking stronger than at any point this season.

Here are a couple of audio links for you this afternoon on the topic of the Mets. Mets beat reporter checks in with WFAN’s Joe & Evan. And ESPN’s Baseball Today covers all of the top stories in baseball including the Mets shaking up the NL East. Peter Pascarelli and Steve Phillips discuss the events of the day.

WFAN Audio

ESPN Audio

Audio: Neyer And Marchand On Randolph

ESPN Radio

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ESPN’s Rob Neyer and Andrew Marchand join Michael Kay on ESPN Radio. Neyer makes some great points about why Willie Randolph should have been fired yesterday. Andrew Marchand talks in detail about the scene at Shea Stadium yesterday and the mixed support that Randolph received from the Mets players.

ESPN Audio

Olney: Willie Randolph Working To Keep Job

ESPN usually keeps their best content from their premier baseball writers as a paid service. Occasionally, they’ll offer up something for free like today’s column from Buster Olney.

Olney talks about how Willie Randolph is in the cross-hairs right now and is managing every day to keep his job. But he also goes on to say that there’s no clear alternative right now.

Read the full story here.