Put The Rolaids Away For Now… Jose Reyes is Back

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http://cdn.pis.picapp.com/IamProd/PicAppPIS/JavaScript/PisV4.jsWhat a relief! That was my first reaction to hearing Jose Reyes could be back by opening day. Without having a chance to listen to WFAN and hear what other fans in the area were saying I got the gut feeling that the injury curse hanging over this team might have been lifted. I’m feeling optimistic again, “first time, long time”.

I also like that the experiment batting Reyes third is over according to Jerry Manuel. I had been shaking my head for a while as to the logic behind moving one of the most explosive lead-off hitters in the game into the third slot. Changes the game completely and certainly doesn’t give Reyes a chance to set the tone for the game.

So now that Reyes is back and in the lead-off spot I’m getting a little excited for opening day. If I was a betting man, I would bet that Reyes will be the first batter of the new season and he’ll be going for a triple…

David Wright Radio Interview in the Studio

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Several of the Mets were in town today for an event at Citi Field. David Wright made his way into the studio with Mike Francesa on WFAN. As you would expect, a lot of the interview is about the dismal 2009 season that the team had as a whole. But he also goes into great detail about his own strange offensive season without the power that he’s had in previous seasons.

The dimensions of Citi Field and the impact on Wright are an issue as well. Personally, I like watching the Mets in a heavily-slanted pitchers park. The new Yankee Stadium and Citizens Bank are a joke and I’d hate to have to watch the Mets in a stadium like that. So I don’t have a problem with some reduced offense.

They get into the topic of steroids. I like Wright’s take on it. He didn’t give the typical protective fellow player answer that I expected. His opinion on the matter sounded just like every other fan that I’ve talked to.

You can listen to the full interview below.

Audio- David Wright WFAN interview

Audio: Minaya, Manuel, Maine, Wright May 4, 2009

WFAN logoPrior to last night’s game against the Atlanta Braves Omar Minaya spoke to WFAN’s Ed Coleman about the decision to move Oliver Perez to the bullpen. That decision has certainly been controversial with the media and blogs typically arguing that Perez should have been sent to the minors. Listen to Minaya’s explanation of what happened below.

Minaya audio

After the Mets beat the Braves 6-4 in Atlanta, WFAN got the reaction from the team.

David Wright audio

John Maine audio

Jerry Manuel audio

Audio: Mets Manager Jerry Manuel Interview April 22, 2009

WFAN logoJerry Manuel calls in from St. Louis to the WFAN Mike Francesa show. He talks for about 20 minutes on the main topics of the day that Mets fans have been complaining about: Daniel Murphy’s fielding problems, the corner outfielders, and the starting pitchers. He also addresses the baserunning problems that the Mets had last night in St. Louis. Listen below.

Jerry Manuel audio

Audio: Mets Manager Jerry Manuel April 8, 2009

Jerry ManuelWFAN’s Mike Francesa interviews Mets manager Jerry Manuel. I’ll say this right off the bat. This isn’t a very good interview. Francesa does most of the talking about every topic. They do get into the bullpen changes this season and Gary Sheffield. Click the link below to listen.

Jerry Manuel audio

Audio: WFAN’s Mets Beat Report- 3.31.09

WFAN WFAN‘s Ed Coleman checks in with Joe & Evan to talk about the Mets news from today. Here are the topics:

  • Oliver Perez‘ nice start last night after being called out by pitching coach Dan Warthen for being out of shape.
  • The Mets potential for interest in Gary Sheffield. Coleman doesn’t think that the Mets will have any interest there.
  • The relationship between Warthen and the pitchers.

WFAN Audio