Johan Santana Struggles as Twins Fans Watch A Pavano Win

David Daniels CitiField

If ever there was one game I could pick to attend this year based on entertainment value alone, Saturday’s game was the one I wanted to see. Johan Santana against Carl Pavano. Interleague play. So I packed up my bag, hit stubhub and went down the block for a visit. Here’s what I saw…

Old Ace Against Former Team

There were quite a few Minnesota fans wearing Santana’s Jersey from his Twins days. They were there to see their team take on their old Ace. I’m sure all Twins fans are secretly laughing at how this deal turned out, especially after the first inning.

Pavano Comes Back to NY

Pavano had always been my favorite target when bringing up “great” Yankees. Carl Pavano is one huge sore spot for any Yankee fan and I remind Yankee fans of this fact whenever I can. Now my gut feeling was he would turn around and show NY just what they were missing. He will always have something to prove when coming to NY. He did just that with a 3 hit, complete game shutout and also went 2 for 3 at the plate.

There were also plenty of Minnesota fans who were sporting the new “stache” that Pavano has grown a la Keith Hernandez. Continue reading “Johan Santana Struggles as Twins Fans Watch A Pavano Win”