The Mets Report Site Design

I’ve been tinkering with the design of this site for the last month or so. I’ve found some designs from WordPress that I liked, but not quite that much. I finally came across this great design from Chris Pearson at Pearsonified. The guy writes an interesting blog and has some great WordPress themes like the one that I’m using on this site. Check out his site.

What makes this site really stand out are the incredible photos from Ben Cooper at Launch Photography

Ben’s a good guy and a really talented photographer, as you can see from his great photos of Shea here. Check out his site for some awesome NASA launch photos and beautiful ballpark panoramas. You can purchase the photos on his site. If you enjoy seeing Ben’s photos here as much as I do, support his work by going to his site and making a purchase.

What could be more appropriate for the last season that the Mets will play at Shea than having rotating panoramic photos of the stadium?