Knicks and Mets – Opposite Ends of the Same Stick

New York Mets
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The Knicks and Mets have one major thing in common; what the Knicks just went through the Mets are just starting. I think former Arizona Cardinals head coach, Dennis Green, sums it up best “They are who we thought they were”. The Mets organization as a whole is a mess. The number one ace has more walks than strikeouts, a higher WHIP than the top 13 NATIONAL LEAGUE pitchers have ERA, has almost triple the ERA of the league average and hasn’t gone 6 innings yet. And this is supposed to be the best pitcher on the staff?

Yes, we got teased more than Charlie Brown thinking he was going to kick the football after that first road series. I heard it on the radio, on blogs, websites, TV, everything. Why not us? Why can’t we get lucky and have everything break right? Why can’t Chris Capuano and Chris Young regain their past form, or Jose Reyes become a run anytime he gets on 1st, Carlos Beltran find new knees…..why not? If the Mets can have a monumental, ground-breaking, epic collapse why can’t they have the opposite happen….Stranger things have happened right?

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