Poll: Mets 2010 Worst Contract

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The Mets have a few really bad contracts on the books right now. But I’m curious to find out who you think is the absolute worst. I have my own ideas about that. And I’ll go ahead and vote in this one too.

You can base this on any criteria that you like. It could be the worst production, too many injuries, too much money, a combination of them all. Whatever you like. Basically, I’d like to know who you think the Mets are throwing the most money away on.

Vote in the poll below.

New Reader Poll: Are Mets Problems Fixed?

The Mets have gone 5-2 on their recent home stand since Willie Randolph met with the Wilpons and Omar Minaya. Jose Reyes is on base constantly, Ryan Church is back, Pedro is back, Carlos Beltran is killing the ball, and Moises Alou is coming back. But Carlos Delgado is still a light hitting corner infielder, Oliver Perez is still erratic, and I don’t even know what to say about Aaron Heilman. I guess you could say he’s been hit harder than a piñata this season.

The question for the poll is: Are the Mets early season problems “fixed”? It’s a complex situation broken down to a simple question. I’m curious to see what you think. The poll is on the right side of the page.