Reader Poll Results: Mets Have Turned The Corner

Your votes are in… The verdict is overwhelming that the Mets have indeed turned the corner by a 75% to 25% vote. I believe that the Mets are definitely on the right track. I started to believe that when they were left on the field for walk off wins in St. Louis and again in Philadelphia last week, and came back to win the next day after both difficult losses.

I love what Jerry Manuel has done with the team. The players have certainly responded since Willie Randolph was fired proving that Omar Minaya made the right move. The firing itself was handled awkwardly, at best, but it got the job done. Let’s go Mets!

New Reader Poll: Have The Mets Turned The Corner?

I added a new poll to the site coming off the series victory in Philadelphia. Clearly, the Mets are playing a different brand of baseball over the last few weeks. But have the Mets turned the corner from the malaise that permeated the first two months of the season? Or is this a temporary success story?

Baseball Prospectus now has the Mets odds of making the postseason at 37.5%. That’s up 17.1% in the last seven days.