Mets Pitching Report – Starters All On 1 Yr Contracts, Perez Has Competition

Chris Young San Diego Padres pitcher
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With just 3 weeks till Spring Training this was a very busy week for the Mets who continue to put together a solid pitching staff while getting their financial house in order.  With all their starters on 1 year deals (not including Johan Santana who is on the DL) the Mets have made it clear this staff is temporary and all options on are the table for 2012.

Here are some of the highlights of the week:


R.A. Dickey and the Mets enter arbitration. Dickey asks for $4.7 million. Mets counter with $3.35 million. Dickey still expressing interest in a 2 year deal but it’s looking more like he’ll get 1 just like everyone else. Great competitor and work ethic just like…

Chris Young who “finally” signs with the Mets. Young was out of baseball for all of 2010 due to Tommy John surgery but an ESPN quote from Adrian Gonzalez (who played with Young on the Padres in ’06 – ’09) states how the RHer is one of the most competitive people he knows. With a base salary of $1.1 million and incentives, Young could max out at $4.5 million. I like the fact Young is a competitor with a great work ethic. Two things the Mets have lacked the last few years.

Mike Pelfrey settled with the Mets this week on a 1 year deal to avoid arbitration. The deal will pay Pelfrey $3.925 million during the upcoming season. He can earn $50,000 extra in performance bonuses. Terry Collins has also named Pelfrey the opening day starter.

With Pelfrey, Dickey, Jon Niese (who is also on a 1yr contract) & Young as your 1 – 4 starters, this is turning into a solid starting staff. I’m looking forward to the competition for the fifth spot. Continue reading “Mets Pitching Report – Starters All On 1 Yr Contracts, Perez Has Competition”

Mets Pitching Report: Starters Unclear, Bullpen Taking Shape

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With just under four weeks till pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training, the 4th and 5th spots of the rotation are up in the air but the bullpen is starting to take shape. Here are the highlights (or lowlights) of this week:


With the 1 – 3 spots expected to be filled by Mike Pelfrey, R. A. Dickey & Jon Niese, Chris Capuano, Dillon Gee and Jenrry Mejia will all be vying for those back-end spots.

Free agent Jeff Francis signs with the Royals for a one year, $2 million contract and could earn another $2 million in incentives, too steep a price for the budget-conscious Sandy Alderson. Francis was one of two starters that the Mets targeted for the rotation and would have slotted in as the number 4 starter. So the Mets focus their energy on their 2nd choice…

Chris Young, the other free agent on the Mets radar is still close to making a decision on where to play. He is the top remaining starter available now that Jeff Francis has signed with the Royals. The Mets have been rumored to be close to signing Young for two months now. The Nationals were also rumored to have an interest in Young.

Johan Santana has been cleared by Mets doctors to begin a throwing program leading into spring training. That does not mean he will start throwing just that he has been cleared to throw. He’s expected to be out for the year but being the bulldog that he is we may be lucky enough to see him pitch this year. Continue reading “Mets Pitching Report: Starters Unclear, Bullpen Taking Shape”