2011 National Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot


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Like many of you, pretty much every year I’ve talked my friends about which players should or shouldn’t be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Those players that are on the edge of getting in like Bert Blyleven are always the ones that everyone talks about. But I’ve never sat down and evaluated every player on the ballot for my vote… until this year. As part of my membership in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I participated in the vote for the 2011 National Baseball Hall of Fame class.

It was more difficult than I thought it would be to decide which players I think were great and which players were just very good. The following are the players I voted for and the players that I thought were close but not good enough for me to vote for this year.

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Former Met Alomar Settles Sex, AIDS Lawsuit

Newsday is reporting that former Mets 2B Roberto Alomar has settled a lawsuit filed by his former girlfriend. The suit was originally filed seeking $15 million because Alomar had unprotected sex with her knowing that he has AIDS.

Alomar is the son of Mets bench coach Sandy Alomar Sr. and brother of Mets catching instructor Sandy Alomar Jr. He played with the Mets in 2002 and part of 2003 before being traded to the Chicago White Sox.

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