Cedeno Grand Slams Mets 8-1

Update: I watched the game on the SNY re-broadcast and I’m sorry that I did. That was pathetic. Figueroa was just okay, he wasn’t terrible. The bullpen, however, was terrible. Jorge Sosa is pitching to an almost 8 ERA right now. That just doesn’t get it done! I know he signed a $2 million contract for this year but the Mets may have to release him. He’s that bad.

Carlos Delgado is another story. This was one of the worst overall games that I’ve seen from him. He looked lost in the field and he’s been lost in the batters box for more than a year now. More to come in another post on that.

Willie better get this ship righted quickly or there’ll be more calls for his head than there already are. He’s abused the bullpen and paid way too much respect to the veteran players in the lineup. After the way last season ended, there won’t be much tolerance for bad decision making by him.

I was at work today and only got to hear parts of the game. I’m going to watch the depressing re-broadcast on SNY tonight. I’ll post a more detailed review after I get to watch the horror unfold on Jorge Sosa. For now, here’s the box score.

Box score

Video Highlights