Mets Punked By SNY Employee

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Richard Sandomir has a great story in the NY Times yesterday about the Mets opening day broadcast getting punked by an SNY employee. I assume that person is a former SNY employee now. If you’re reading this, contact me so we can get your side of the story out. ]

After the Mets lost the game Friday night to the Marlins, SNY ran a brief audio clip of the Fox “Family Guy” episode making fun of the Mets. I was watching the game and didn’t even notice it, it’s so brief. Of course, it’s available on YouTube. Check it out below.

You can see the video clip from the original “Family Guy” on YouTube also. That will give you a frame of reference for the audio that appeared during the SNY broadcast Friday night.

This certainly perpetuates the image that the Mets are a joke of a franchise. Sometimes it’s hard to defend against that perception to friends and family, especially if they’re Yankees, Phillies, or even Red Sox fans. But I’m sure there’s no way that SNY would tolerate an employee pulling a prank like that during a live broadcast.

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