No Options Left For Ruben Gotay

Ruben Gotay will either make the major league team or have to clear waivers to be sent down. I doubt that he would clear waivers. The Baseball Analysts report on the biggest names in baseball that are on the bubble to make their teams and are without options.

I think that Gotay will make the team. Jose Valentin doesn’t bring that much to the table anymore and he has a neck injury that may require surgery. The surgery is potentially career ending.

Comparison: Gotay vs. Valentin

Gotay [25 years old]- 98 games .295/.351/.421    3 SB 3 CS    4 HR 24 RBI    25 Runs 190 AB 42 SO

Valentin-  [38 years old]- 51 games .241/.302/.373   2 SB 1 CS   3 HR 18 RBI   18 Runs 166 AB 28 SO

Gotay is marginally the better offensive player. Valentin has been in decline since he left the White Sox after the 2004 season. I don’t give much credence to Valentin being a veteran/coach on the team. The Mets are a veteran team that really don’t need that. If we were talking about the Marlins, I think the veteran/coach role would have more value.

Valentin should start the season on the DL with his neck injury. So the Mets won’t be forced to make a decision immediately. The decision to keep Gotay on the roster is obvious to me.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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