More On Booing Home Players

Although the blogs have been on this topic for weeks, the mainstream media is still just getting to this story. We, as Mets fans, are frustrated and angry with this team. The last two seasons have left a lot of pent up emotion that can’t be relieved by a trip to a shrink. We need a trip to the playoffs. That’s the only cure for our angst.
Picturehouse Presents The Premiere Of "El Cantante" - Arrivals
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Mike Vaccaro wrote a column on the topic for Fox Sports today and summarizes the current victims of our impatience:

Right now, there are three permanent residents of the wrong side of the wall, which we’ll call the dark side of the swoon: Carlos Delgado is the captain and unchallenged leader, and the farther south of .200 his average dips the more likely he’ll be wearing a “C” on his uniform before long. Aaron Heilman is on that side, mostly because he can’t get out of his own way now. And Willie Randolph is there, too, for long and meritorious service.

Why should we be more tolerant? We’ve got a first class city, a first class payroll, and a first class stadium on the way. We want a franchise that plays like a first place team.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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