Johan Santana Post No-Hitter Twitter Reaction

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 01:  Johan Santana #57 of ...

After last night’s historic no-hitter, Johan Santana took to Twitter to post a series of Tweets thanking fans and his teammates in both English and Spanish.

One of the great things about social media is the immediacy of contact and the directness that players/celebrities/whomever can have contact with fans. I suppose that can also be the negative aspect of social media in some cases too though.

Take a look at some of Johan Santana’s tweets from last night after the game.



Mets 1986 Shadow

FLUSHING, NY - OCTOBER 27:  The New York Mets celebrate after winning game 7 of the 1986 World Series against the Boston Red Sox at Shea Stadium on October 27, 1986 in Flushing, New York. The Mets won the series 4-3.  (Photo by T.G. Higgins/Getty Images) a terrible roadtrip the ’86 Mets, who seem to cast a bigger shadow each season, were outspoken again. This time the whistle blower was Bobby Ojeda. “Bobby O” was once a far cry from the lighthearted commentator you can watch on the SNY pre/post game. In 1986, the former Red Sox starter was a rough around the edges pitcher and arguably the best of a staff of aces. One of his teammates joined the nudging when Darryl Strawberry, for the second time this year, had something to say about the latest installment of disappointing baseball. The last team to win a championship in Queens has been consistently vocal about the Mets’ clubs and their shortcomings. The arrogant and noisy ’86ers won with their ability to talk and back it up on the field. Their brash , no nonsense, say what I want attitude has continued to show up years since they have retired. It must be said however, that there is something about their blunt and impulsive action that still inspires New Yorkers. The shadow only grows with Jerry Manuel’s Mets skidding and Wally Backman hit and running teams to death with the Brooklyn Cyclones. Here are some verbal lashings from the ’86 Champs directed at Mets’ clubs.

Keith Hernandez – 2002

Dubbed by The Seattle Times as “Keith Hernandez VS Mike Piazza” the two traded verbal blows when the disappointing club looked asleep at the wheel. Hernandez, who’s job it was and is still to analyze, might have gone overboard with his quote “The club has no heart; The Mets quit a long time ago. Bobby Valentine could’ve chewed this team out in June when this stuff started creeping in”. Piazza, angered by the comment, shot back with “He’s just trying to make a name at our expense” he continued to add “like he’s a judge of character, who quit or didn’t quit?” Keith stood by his comments but admitted he could have found a better way to put it. Continue reading “Mets 1986 Shadow”

Mets-SNY Gary, Keith, and Ron Voted MLB 2nd Best

Flickr image courtesy of slgckgc

Gary Cohen along with ex-Mets Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling form one of the best broadcast teams in Major League Baseball. Their stellar commentary earned them the #2 spot on GQ’s list of the best and worst television broadcast teams in the MLB. The team was second to only Vin Scully, the ageless solo act for the Dodgers’ broadcast. You can see the rankings for yourself here.

I really feel that only true Met fans understand the worth of these guys in the booth. Gary’s outstanding play-by-play combined with Keith and Ronny’s in-depth knowledge of the game make for 9 innings of enthralling baseball discussion night in and night out.

In my mind, Gary, Keith, and Ron cannot be considered “homers,” although their connection with the team is evident through their commentary. I think it’s safe to say that the three are all Met fans at heart but they honor their profession by calling it like they see it, something that several broadcast teams (cough cough, YES Network, cough) fail to do. Although their discussions may stray from the focus of the game at times, they always keep it interesting. Whether it’s Keith explaining his criteria for a good steak, Ron delving into different world cultures, or Gary talking about how horrible a head first slide into first base is three innings after it happens, our guys captivate baseball minds that are tuning in. I’m almost hesitant to attend games because I won’t get to listen to them (that is a lie, Citi Field is like my church).

Keith and Ron are such valuable assets from a fan standpoint because their baseball knowledge is really through the roof. Obviously both were staples of the ’86 Mets, and were winning players throughout their careers. Keith revolutionized the position he played and was an MVP. Ron possesses intellect pertaining to the mound that matches his Ivy League diploma.

As a fan base we are privileged to have these guys in our ear during most Met broadcasts. I consider them a part of Mets baseball and hope they remain a team for years to come.

Jon Heyman on Jerry Manuel Extension

May 28, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..New York Mets Manager Jerry Manuel . .Milwaukee Brewers won over the New York Mets 2-0, taking the first game of the 3 game series against the Mets...Mike McGinnis / CSM.“Time to give Jerry Manuel an extension. He has fostered a positive vibe around the Mets.” -From Sports Illustrated writer Jon Heyman’s twitter earlier today.

Keep in mind readers, this is the opinion of a sports journalist who believes Andy Pettitte is Hall of Fame worthy. I really had to see this on Jon Heyman’s Twitter with my own eyes when I heard Evan Roberts talking about this on WFAN on Tuesday. So far with the Mets, Jerry Manuel’s tenure has been highlighted by an agonizing collapse in 2008, and a completely lost season in 2009. For 2009, we could of course look at the injuries as an excuse, but the way the product that was on the field performed at times was certainly inexcusable.

To be frank, firing Jerry Manuel would have been a move the team ultimately would have been disaffected by. It wouldn’t have addressed the main problems the team was facing. I can’t say I dislike Jerry Manuel. Sure, he seems to talk in circles during some post-game interviews and some of his in-game strategy is questionable at times. However, I do genuinely believe that he is a players manager, and this season so far, the team is performing at a competitive level. Manuel’s head has been raised from the chopping block, and the fascination with Bob Melvin among Mets faithful is no longer visible in the rear-view mirror. Continue reading “Jon Heyman on Jerry Manuel Extension”

Peter Gammons Backs Omar Minaya

NEW YORK - APRIL 10:  General Manager Omar Min...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The roller coaster season continues, but the noose has seemingly disappeared from Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel’s necks (for now). This weekend The Mets did what winning teams are supposed to do: beat bad teams. Philly fans can poo-poo the weekend as we’d expect, but the truth is that is how you stay in contention.

It is crucial for teams to beat up and pad stats on their lessers. This team must put some distance between themselves and the .500 mark in preparation for tougher series’ ahead. Now that we seem to do be doing so, Minaya is getting a much needed pat on the back from one of baseball’s senior voices. In an article for, Peter Gammons praises Minaya for his ability to whether the storm in New York.

People up and down the Mets’ organization are fiercely loyal to Minaya, because he accepts the heat and deflects it from those who work for him.

Gammons also continues pointing the finger at the Mets’ leadership around Minaya for perpetrating a “blame game”. Gammons’ isn’t really shedding light on anything Mets fans don’t already know. We are impossible to deal with at times, and ownership needs to block out the sports talk radio hosts as well as the papers. Nowadays, everyone thinks they have the right to play GM, maybe because of the endless access to information/opinion from blogs (ahem). Continue reading “Peter Gammons Backs Omar Minaya”

Mets Lineup Change Needed

MLB: Cubs vs Mets APR 22 the pregame show tonight, current Met commentator Keith Hernandez analyzed the most potent lineup that a team can send out on the field 162 games a year.

Long story short, he said the first two batters should be high OBP guys, the third should be a solid line drive hitter, the fourth should be your “big bopper”, and 5-7 should be your RBI guys. Continue reading “Mets Lineup Change Needed”

Mets 2010 Locker Room Harmony Overrated

Dave Doyle writes that the Mets harmonious locker room is completely overrated. Don’t credit Jeff Francoeur. Winning games makes everyone happy and working well together.

Whenever the Mets go on a really good run or a really bad one the media comes out in force. The latest bandwagon jumper is Mike Lupica. He’s all over the Mets this week because they’re winning and doing it in style.

The focus of his latest column is how Jeff Francoeur saved the Mets locker room. Francoeur didn’t save anything. Winning a few games saved the Mets locker room.

It really doesn’t matter if everyone likes each other or not. It’s a job to these guys. Most people don’t go to work together and get along with everyone at their job. But most can work productively with others. It’s the same thing on a baseball team. It’s their jobs. They don’t have to get along with everybody and to expect them to do so is ridiculous.

Let’s save the talk about the harmonious locker room until the Mets raise the World Series trophy over their heads. That’s when we can talk about the love-fest in the clubhouse.