Santana Loses Again As Yankees Win 3-2

image Johan Santana takes another hard luck loss today. He has to be wondering why he came to this team that has no offense. The Mets attack consisted of two solo homers, one by Ramon Castro and the other by David Wright.

Santana ( 7-7) wasn’t terrible but wasn’t great either. He went six innings giving up three runs on four hits and four walks, but he did have eight strikeouts. His ERA increased to 3.03 for the season.

Jose Reyes demonstrated again that he has no concept of situational strategy. He was on second base with Damion Easley on first. David Wright was at the plate with two outs. Inexplicably, Reyes gets picked off second base by Andy Pettite leaning toward third base. There’s no reason for him to be going for third base with two outs and David Wright hitting with two runners on base. It makes no sense. This is a situation that needs to be addressed by Jerry Manuel. High school players know enough not to do that. Reyes can’t have the “green light” to run anytime. He clearly doesn’t understand the game well enough to have that responsibility.

Box score

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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