Jose Reyes Has Another Tantrum

New York Mets shortstop José Reyes during a Mets/Devil Rays spring training game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Jose Reyes threw his glove on the ground in disgust yesterday after making another throwing error. It was his eleventh error of the season. The on-field displays of frustration have become somewhat common for Reyes to the dismay of “old school” types everywhere. SNY broadcaster Keith Hernandez sure didn’t like it, and has negative comments about Reyes whenever there’s a display of frustration.

After the game Reyes told reporters that he didn’t mean any disrespect to Carlos Delgado for the ball bouncing off his glove. A ball that Delgado certainly should have caught. Reyes said that he’s upset with himself for not making a  play that he should. Obviously, Reyes has become media savvy in his 25 years.

Any infielder playing with a first baseman that has hands of stone is going to get frustrated. Reyes shouldn’t have thrown his glove down but it’s really no big deal. Reyes is the most dynamic offensive player on the Mets’ roster. That allows him to have some latitude with his behavior. Like it or not, that’s professional sports.

Manny Ramirez just pushed the Red Sox traveling secretary to the ground when he couldn’t get 16 game tickets for Manny in Houston. The Red Sox didn’t release Manny. He’s too good. When Shawn Chacon threw Astros GM Ed Wade to the ground by his neck last week, he was released by the Astros. The only reason he was released is because he’s not that good of a pitcher. If he was pitching better he wouldn’t have been released.

Again, that’s professional sports. If you’re playing well enough at the moment, you get some latitude in your behavior. If you, as a fan, have a major problem with that you should stick to college sports.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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