Another Reason To Despise National Announcers

I’ll tell you where I’m coming from on the issue of national announcers right off the bat. I can’t stand when Fox or ESPN blow into town for one game to cover the Mets on a national TV game. It’s terrible…

The Mets have one of the best, if not THE best, broadcast crews around with SNY. They are invested in the Mets and know exactly what they’re talking about. So anything else is a major drop off.

When the national guys come to town, whether it’s Fox or ESPN, the announcers are constantly trying to prove that they know what’s going on with the team by throwing out tidbits that their producers put in their ears. They mispronounce players names among other misinterpretations of the team. It’s just the worst.

I saw this at Awful Announcing this morning, and this has to take the cake. Joe Buck was on ESPN Radio with the equally awful Colin Cowherd. Buck goes on to say that he doesn’t watch sports because he’s too wrapped up in “The Bachelorette”. He says that baseball requires too much time because there are so many meaningless games played every day. And this is the guy getting paid the big bucks (pun) to cover baseball for Fox? Watch below and you’ll most likely be as flabbergasted as I was.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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