Report: Mets Schedule Makes Them Trade Deadline Winners

The Mets chances to take a playoff spot this season actually improved at the trade deadline despite not making any deals according to Sporting News writer Gerry Fraley. He makes some great points about the competition that the Mets will face over the next two months.

The Mets have 14 more games against Atlanta and Pittsburgh, teams that surrendered and became big-time sellers at the deadline.

The Mets also have 12 more games against Washington and San Diego, a pair of last-place clubs. That adds up to 26 games against dead-in-the-water clubs.

Although the Mets schedule is favorable, they need to take advantage of that by winning the series’ that they’re supposed to. That starts with Houston this weekend and then San Diego coming to town on Tuesday.

The Phillies and Marlins failure to make any splashes, such as Manny Ramirez, certainly is a huge positive for the Mets. I’ve read that the Marlins were planning to flip Ramirez to the Yankees if they landed him anyway. So he may not have had an impact in the National League East as was rumored prior to the trade deadline.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Report: Mets Schedule Makes Them Trade Deadline Winners”

  1. Interesting idea. i do not buy it. Mets have an erratic bullpen, weakness at the back end of starting rotation, little power from corner outfield and it seems that hardly ever are more than three players hitting well at the same time. Yet I tell myself that the 2006 Cardinals had to be co the lowest seed in 2006 MLB post season and we all know what they did.. So–logic be damned! I hope 🙂


  2. Sure the Mets have weaknesses as do all teams. But I don’t think any of the NL teams are significantly better than the Mets, and that includes the Cubbies. And I do think a favorable schedule is a positive for the team, no more West coast road trips this year is great too. We’ll see though if the Mets can capitalize on the favorable schedule.


  3. Dave , I agree that none of the teams in MLB are weakness free. I just cannot escape the thought of Mets easy schedule at the end of 2007. But I still think that if you are in the playoffs, anything can, and usually does happen. How many years now have Yankee fans been expecting to win since 2000? Ha!


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