Mets 2013 Promotions

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The Mets have a huge number of promotions going for the 2013 season. It’s pretty obvious that they have to after several straight years of sagging attendance and below .500 teams. So it’s no surprise that the marketing team will appear somewhat desperate with near daily promotions going. We’re the benefactors, the hardcore fans that will go watch bad Mets teams play anyway.

The highlights of the schedule for this season are:

  • Sun. April 13 – Ron Darling Bobblehead
  • Sat. May 11 – Banner Day
  • Sat. May 25 – John Franco Bobblehead
  • Sun. June 30 – David Wright Bobblehead
  • Wed. July 3 – Fireworks Night
  • Sun. July 21 – Dwight Gooden Bobblehead
  • Sun. Aug. 25 – Tom Seaver Bobblehead

Mets 2012 Single Game Tickets on Sale March 5

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The Mets announced that single game tickets will go on sale March 5th and 10:00am. You can buy tix at the box office,, and by calling (718) 507-TIXX.

I don’t think you need to rush out to get tix this year. There’s likely to be plenty of empty seats at Citi Field considering the sad roster that the Mets have put together. Let’s face it, on paper this is a last place team. Very few fans are rushing out to buy tix for this team.

But the Mets are bringing back Banner Day on May 27th. And the Yankees series at the end of June is always an event no matter how bad the Mets might be this year.

Mets First Batting Champion and Finish in Last Place?

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This was quite the interesting year for our New York Mets, from the worst start in club history to HatGate… with 9 games left to the season there are still a few things to look forward to. Hard to believe a team who has been out of playoff contention for months can have so much riding on the last 9 games of the season but it’s more about hope for the future than anything else.

Will Reyes Win the Batting Title?

Our first batting champion in Mets history? Although it won’t help our prospects of resigning him, but if the Mets do manage to resign Jose Reyes this will be a huge reason, maybe the only reason, why the fans will come back next year… to see our homegrown Batting Champion lead a new round of youngsters to a winning season.

Will the Mets End Up in Last?

I actually picked the Mets for last this year. They are 4 games out of last with 9 to play. They also happen to play a series against the Phillies and Cards before they end the season against the Reds. Will the Phillies cruise and give the Mets a break or will they go all out and try to bury the Mets? The Cards are in full blown Wild Card race mode so they will be tough to beat.

My Spring Training Prediction: Dead Last. A successful season would be if they take 3rd. 4th place and the season is a wash. So I’m hoping for 3rd. Last is not really looking like a possible outcome. Continue reading “Mets First Batting Champion and Finish in Last Place?”

Mets Have a Real Shot at Last Place

The Mets Could Win the Anti-Pennant Race…

After reading Yahoo Sports this afternoon, I wasn’t surprised to come across an article reporting that the Mets had a real shot at finishing up in last place. To me it seems for the last 4 years they have always had a shot at finishing up in last place. Coming into Spring Training I thought this looked like a last place team and now they may actually be that team.

Will they rise to the occasion this year and stay out of last, giving us hope for the future? Or will they wither from the dog days of summer and end up in last, right where I predicted they would be…?

Only time will tell but the Mets, Nationals, and Marlins are all within 2 games of each other.  So, for the next 6 weeks there’s sort of an anti-pennant race we can all watch. The race to the cellar!

The Mets schedule for the rest of August is brutal. Milwaukee, Phillies, and then Atlanta. Then they’ll finish off with a strange series against the Marlins.

5 Game Series with Florida

The Mets have an interesting 5 game series with Florida coming up the end of this month. They then go on to play the Nationals and Marlins on the road.

They still have series against Atlanta, the Phillies, St. Louis and Cincinnati in September too. These will all be tough series to take. They have 12 games away and 14 games at home. This year home field advantage has not been an advantage at all.

It’s very possible they continue to play sub .500 ball while all the teams in a Pennant race beat them up. Continue reading “Mets Have a Real Shot at Last Place”

Mets – Marlins May 17, 2011 Rain Out

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The Mets announced that tonight’s game against the Florida Marlins is rained out and will be played on Monday July 18th at 7:10pm. The field was a mess last night and the weather has been a mess here for days. They did the right thing because the field didn’t look like it was in playing condition. There were bad hops and sliding looked like going into a sand pit.

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Mets File MLB Complaint About Doubleheaders

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The Mets and Braves were rained out in Atlanta last night and the Braves decided to schedule a doubleheader for 4pm today. It’s the home team’s decision how to reschedule a rain out. Despite the fact that the Mets visit Atlanta two more times this year, the Braves opted for a doubleheader today after the Mets played a doubleheader against Colorado on Thursday.

The Mets had to use seven relievers to get through the doubleheader against Colorado. Chris Young is still questionable for his start on Sunday. He couldn’t make the start last night, if the Mets played, because of bicep tendinitis. The concern is that if he starts the game tomorrow and has to bail out early, the bullpen won’t have anyone left available to pitch.

Assistant GM John Ricco is traveling with the team in Atlanta. He met with Dan Warthen, Young, Ray Ramirez, and Terry Collins last night when the rain out was announced to discuss the situation. He and Young spoke to reporters after the meeting which you can hear below.

John Ricco audio

Chris Young audio

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Mets 2010 Second Half Begins on West Coast

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With the first half of the season now a thing of the past, the Mets will start their second half quest to the pennant on the West coast for 11 games. They’ll be in San Francisco for four, Arizona for three, and back to California for four against the Dodgers. Here are some keys to each series I’ll be paying close attention to.

San Francisco 7/15-7/18
Expect pitching, pitching, and more pitching… And also the return of Carlos Beltran. The Mets will be facing a formidable quartet of Giants pitchers in the spacious confines of AT&T Park. Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain are as good a 1-2 punch as there is in the league at the top of any rotation. With that said, I’m confident in the Mets starters not only because the Giant lineup is far from imposing, but because the rotation proved themselves to be stingy in the first half. I foresee a series where Jerry Manuel’s strategic make-up will be tested, and a lot of “small” ball being executed. Like all Met fans are, I’m anxious to see Beltran back on the field, but my expectations are low, seeing as how it took Jose Reyes so long to adjust to the speed of the Major Leagues upon his return in April.

Arizona 7/19-7/21
The Mets are going to have to bring the lumber to the desert when they take on the D-Back’s for a three game set. Although the big bats of Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds can change the tide of a game with one swing, The Arizona pitching staff is about as effective as John Daley after 12 cold ones on the 15th hole. They are worst in the NL in ERA and earned runs allowed. The Mets have proven to be capable of coming from behind this season, so the lineup should be able to touch up the D-Back bullpen in the later frames if they fall behind. In addition, the Mets historically play really well at Chase Field. I’m expecting an abundance of offensive output in this series from the Met lineup. We’ll also see two players who are attracting a lot of attention on the trade market in RHP Dan Haren and left-hand hitting 2B Kelly Johnson. Continue reading “Mets 2010 Second Half Begins on West Coast”