Report: Mets And Dodgers Talk Andruw Jones Trade

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Buster Olney is reporting at ESPN that the Mets and Dodgers are talking about a deal that would send Andruw Jones to New York. Olney writes that the Dodgers would be willing to eat some of the money left on the last year of Jones’ contract.

Jones has been terrible for two seasons in a row now. He gained a lot of weight and lost several steps in the outfield. Olney surmises that the Mets would put Jones in right field supplanting Ryan Church.

I can’t figure out how this makes sense for the Mets unless the Dodgers are willing to take Luis Castillo in return. But Olney writes that the Dodgers likely have no interest in Castillo because Blake DeWitt is playing second base.

Omar Minaya has made some bad signings during his career but he’s usually pretty saavy in the trade market. I’ll be surprised if he’s willing to take on Andruw Jones at this point in his career.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

5 thoughts on “Report: Mets And Dodgers Talk Andruw Jones Trade”

  1. Agreed, this makes no sense unless Castillo is involved. I’d rather see Jones in left and keep Church in right. If this deal does not include Castillo this would be a terrible trade.


  2. They cant be serious! he is out of shape, he strikes out way too much and looks like toast to me! please tell me they are kidding Dave!,,BTW Happy New Year everyone! I also want to know why the Mets did not make a run at brad penny


  3. Yeah, I really can’t figure this one out. Maybe they don’t think Church will recover from his post-concussion problems. But there are plenty of corner outfielders on the market right now. I’d rather see Griffey, Garrett Anderson, Pat Burrell, or pretty much anybody before Andruw Jones.


  4. As someone that has had concussions, you don’t recover from them, it doesn’t mean you are unable to function, but you are always one step closer to to serious problems if you get re-injured. It will effect how Church goes after balls near the wall, or up the alley with another teammate coming towards him,we saw a bit of that last season, It will make you more cautious, and pro athletes and caution are not a good mix. What makes an athlete at that level great is supreme confidence, I can understand the Mets concern. I just wonder where it was when it first happened to him.


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