Audio: Ken Rosenthal Hot Stove Report

Fox Sports senior baseball writer Ken Rosenthal joins Evan Roberts on WFAN to talk hot stove baseball. Of course, Evan talks mostly about the Mets. Rosenthal debunks the notion that the Mets and Dodgers are still talking about an Andruw Jones trade. Several media reports have done the same today despite Buster Olney’s report on ESPN yesterday.

Ken Rosenthal audio

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

3 thoughts on “Audio: Ken Rosenthal Hot Stove Report”

  1. I respect Rosenthal’s inside stuff more than Olney’s any day of the week. I still am not at all excited about Derek Lowe becoming a Met. I will say this though..I think Manny is nutty and selfish, but he would put the Mets in the playoffs. Maybe Fred should open his wallet , after all if he can deal with Bernard Madoff, than Manny is a saint next to him 😛


  2. It sounds like the talk was about the Mets trying to dump Castillo on the Dodgers and the reverse for Andruw Jones. The money owed is about even, but Jones is getting all of his money next season. Castillo’s money is spread over three years. Manny may very well end up here. The problem is that if he doesn’t like it, he’ll make a complete ass of himself like he did in Boston. He won’t be motivated by the contract year like he was for LA. LA had already promised that they wouldn’t exercise his option.


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