John Franco Returns To Coach Mets

John FrancoSeveral media outlets are reporting that Johnny Franco will be back in a Mets uniform during the week of March 8th in Port St. Lucie. He’ll be doing a guest coaching gig for the week. It’s great to see Johnny come back, since he left the Mets after 2004 with some ill-will toward the team. He wanted to play one more year but the Mets didn’t see him as a fit.It turned out to be a good decision as he pitched in 31 games for the Astros in 2005 to a 7.20 ERA.

Franco is #4 all-time in saves and was the last team captain that the Mets had. He’s a tremendous leader evidenced by becoming a team captain as a relief pitcher. Generally, pitchers aren’t team leaders. It’s usually everyday players. Especially for a relief pitcher to become a captain is very impressive.

I’ve heard Johnny on WFAN occasionally and he does a decent job. But he should bring some terrific knowledge to the table for the Mets pitchers.

Photo courtesy of slgckgc

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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