Phillies Hamels Clarifies Mets Chokers Comment

Cole HamelsThis story won’t go away. Cole Hamels agreed with WFAN’s Evan Robets that the Mets were chokers. And the story keeps raging on. Hamels appeared with WIP in Philly with Howard Eskin on Friday and clarified his comments about the Mets below.

On why the Mets are thought of as “chokers”:

“The word choke means you weren’t able to fully come through when you were supposed to. I think the Mets had the top teams, they pretty much had the championships in the bag and they weren’t able to come through.  A lot of guys will perceive them as choking in the end and not ,fulfilling their end of the bargain because they should have taken it.  You know what, it really does show the strength and hard work and I guess the deep down guts that we have to take it away from them.”

Eskin thinks Hamels calling the Mets “chokers” was WFAN putting words in his mouth:

“I wouldn’t have thought of it myself.  I like to do most of my playing out on the field and I don’t need to be mentioned in the media or trying to attack someone because that’s not the person I am.  I’ll attack you when I’m out on the mound.”

I never thought that it was that big of a deal that he agreed with Roberts about the Mets. Hamels didn’t bring up the topic on his own. Clearly, he needs to be a little more media savvy though.

What I don’t like is him going to to discuss the issue in further depth. It’s about time for him to shut up about the issue.

Thanks to Sports Radio Interviews for the story. You can listen to the full interview here.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “Phillies Hamels Clarifies Mets Chokers Comment”

  1. They have done well against him if my memory serves ,. im too lazy to google it. 😀 but I am pertty sure they have, The Mets need to shut the whole team up..Only way is to win. period.


  2. Last week’s S.I. had a decent article on Cole Hamels. Pretty decent article on the guy.
    I agree with his choke comments. And yeah, the Met’s have hit him pretty well.


  3. I agree that Hamels should have been more media savvy, but choke artists isn’t really “trash talk” or even that much of an insult compared to what has gone on between the two teams the past years. And lets be honest, Hamels is pretty much right. But like you said, it’s more of a non-issue that gets over-blown by media members who don’t know what to do in the off-season. If anything this should give the Mets some motivation when they face Hamels or the Phils in general.


    1. Good comment… You know I always wonder how much motivation these type of statements really give the other team. The Mets and Phillies always seem highly motivated against each other anyway. So I question the effect of “billboard material” in general. I don’t think there’s a tangible impact in baseball or any other sport myself. What about you?


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