Audio: Mets Minaya, Santana, K-Rod, And More

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Yesterday’s visit to Port St. Lucie didn’t go as planned for Mike Francesa of WFAN. We have some clips below from his interviews. But the big news is that Francesa couldn’t get interviews with David Wrigh and Ryan Church. Both refused to do interviews with him and even meet with him to discuss their problems.

Francesa went on to say that he tried to work through Mets PR man Jay Horowitz to meet with both players to discuss the situation. Both players refused the meeting. Wright didn’t like Francesa’s comments about his problems hitting in the clutch. And Church didn’t like Francesa’s comments about Church disliking New York.

Francesa said during the show that Church didn’t matter but Wright was immature about the situation and that he has some growing up to do. He also likened Wright’s immaturity about the interview to his problems hitting in the clutch.

It sounded to me like sour grapes that he couldn’t get the player interviews that he wanted. Francesa comes across as pompous at times. I think he was planning on generating some big ratings by having both players on to discuss their problems. When it didn’t happen, he was upset and lashed out at both labelling Church as inconsequential and Wright as immature. Good stuff…

Onto the interviews that Francesa did get:

Omar Minaya

Carlos Beltran

Francisco Rodriguez

Johan Santana

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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