Report: Mets Santana Injured Worse Than Thought

Johan SantanaNewsday’s David Lennon is reporting that Johan Santana is still feeling tightness in his elbow and it may be more severe than we had hoped. He’s already been scratched from pitching in two games this spring. And now we find out he’ll throw a bullpen session today and if he still doesn’t feel good he’ll come back to New York for tests.

From Newsday:

“We have 162 games,” Santana said. “What we have to accomplish takes 162 games. Everything starts April 6, if it’s going to be me or somebody else. It’s tough to say right now.”

Now they’re talking about the opening day start being in jeopardy. This could be terrible news for the Mets if Santana is going to miss significant time this season. Really, the season could be in jeopardy if he’s going to miss a lot of time. More news to come soon, I’m sure.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Report: Mets Santana Injured Worse Than Thought”

  1. When I first heard this story a few days ago, the Mets said it was not a concern and just a precaution, as soon as I heard them say that, my concern went up exponentially. REMEMBER “Pedro is only missing this start as a precaution” quotes?deja vu all over again? I sure hope not. but I am seriously concerned.


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