Mets To Open Season Without Johan Santana

Johan SantanaSeveral media reports state that the Mets announed that Johan Santana will not be their opening day starter in Cincinnati on April 6th. His first regular season game appearance will be on Saturday April 11th in Florida, if all goes well.

The tightness in his left elbow will preclude him in appearing in a spring training game until at least March 18th. Although the Mets appear to be doing the right thing here, I have to question why he hasn’t been examinied in Florida or had an MRI. Santana doesn’t need to fly back to New York for an MRI, as had been previously reported.

I like that the Mets are being cautious with Santana, I just question if they’re being cautious enough. He very well may be the best pitcher on the planet. And the Mets are locked into six more years with him. The Mets need to start looking at the big picture and six more years is the big picture. Santana’s left arm is the most important asset that the Mets have as an organization right now. They need to be very careful with that asset.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Mets To Open Season Without Johan Santana”

  1. They need to get the tests done… Or maybe this is a ploy to give other teams a false hope, but I doubt that…

    We need to address the 5th spot in the rotation ASAP!!


  2. Dave, I hope Santana isn’t seriously hurt. I know they say it’s nothing but I remember last year with us every little ache turned into season-ending surgery. I don’t wish that type of season on anyone. Anyway, I really hope he’s going to be alright just so the NL will be a more respectable league.

    Speaking of the 5th spot, right now Livan Hernandez has looked the best it seems. Who do you think it will be? I could see any of the 4 (Redding, Garcia, Hernandez, or Niese) except Garcia getting the spot at this point. I’m not an expert though.


    1. Garcia has looked really bad in two starts this spring. But Redding is still hurt and Hernandez and Niese have been roughed up a little bit this spring as well. I think Garcia is way behind right now but nothing has been settled yet for the fifth spot.


  3. Garcia has historically been a very slow starter, but when you are pitching for a spot in the starting rotation, or even the roster in general you need to be pitching better then what he has shown.

    My opinion, give it to Livan and let him pitch his heart out… He will give you 100-200 innings if you let him. They will not be Cy Young innings, but we need somone to eat innings… I think we need Pedro back at camp just to spice things up. He is an inning eatter as well…

    I like Niese going forward, but they want to let him mature a bit more.


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