Tigers Release Gary Sheffield

Gary SheffieldGary Sheffield was released by the Detroit Tigers despite the fact that they owe him $14 million for the 2009 season. If he clears waivers (which he will) he can sign with any team for the MLB minimum of $400,000.

Sheffield can be a real pain if things aren’t going his way. But he can hit… with power. At 41 years old, he’s certainly in decline. But the Mets should give this situation some thought. They could really use a right-handed hitter with some power that could play the outfield corners. Jeremy Reed is currently the fifth outfielder behind the starters and Fernando Tatis.

If Sheffield is willing to take a bench role, and that’s not a given, the Mets should seriously consider replacing Jeremy Reed’s roster spot with a proven hitter like Sheffield.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

6 thoughts on “Tigers Release Gary Sheffield”

  1. The thing about Sheff is that he needs reps… he is best when he is getting at bats… He is a streaky hitter that can absolutely rake if he is hot, but when he is cold he can be brutal… Also he likes to hit out of his slumps, not sit and hope he gets hot again…

    and do we need a personality like his in the dugout and locker room?


  2. I agree with Stathead,when he is right, no one on this planet can throw a fastball by him, and few hit a baseball harder, but Shef needs a lot of ABs. It is quite possible he is at ge 41,at the end of his career, I know he has issues with Leyland, and other managers. I am sure Jerry would get along fine with him, however the age and the ABs are not available, had been 4 or 5 years younger would put up with the insanity, geez! I am a Mets , I already do insane. LOL Got my Tix for 4/29 Dave looking forward to visiting Debits field!!!
    PS I understand Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza will be part of the opening day first ball ceremony. That works for me Dave as you well know.my Hope is Tom unleashes his best fastball ever and hits one of the Wilpons between the eyes with it. lol


  3. I agree that he might not want to come off the bench. He could probably DH and play everyday with mid to lower level AL team. He’ll probably go in that direction. But its worth Minaya making a call to his agent to see if he wants to play for a contender in the NL this year. Would you rather have Sheffield or Jeremy Reed or Marlon Anderson on the roster? I’d rather have Shef over both.

    I think the 4/29 game is against the Brew Crew. I was just thinking about buying tickets for that game. I’ll let you know if I do.


    1. I would love to say hi to you Dave. I am sure the game is against Florida. let me know. Between both of us we can amp up that Mets photos flickr page. lol


  4. Dave, you are right. I would rather have Sheff over most of the other options… I am wondering when Pagan will be back…

    Word is that Philly has reached out to Sheff to see if he has an interest…

    I live about 40 mins from Philly… I hear all the Philly gossip…


    1. Stathead, I , like Dave, wished Pagan stayed healthy, however Keilty is a switch hitter too. another reason I dont understand keeping Anderson over him. I am not sure if he hits better from one side or the other, but he is younger, and to me, that is a plus. Omar said to forget Sheff, so that isnt going to happen. I have also noticed that no one has picked up Pedro Martinez yet, I still have this sneaky suspicion that Omar is waiting to see how Maine and Hernandez do, and if either have difficult time, they will try to low ball Pedro to pitch for them on the cheap.


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