Mets 2010- Five Positive Story Lines

Colorado Rockies vs New York Mets at Citi Field in New York

After writing this site for a few years now and reading a lot of mainstream media and blogs about the Mets, I find that it’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of the team. It’s especially easy coming off a disastrous 2009 season opening Citi Field with a “thud”. As a matter of fact, the whole organization was dismal. So much so, that Jeff Wilpon had to tour the minor league cities apologizing for the ugly teams they fielded.

With that being said, I’d like to focus on some positive stories going into 2010. It’s not all bad when you have the highest payroll in the league. You always have a chance even if the people running the organization are subpar, as is the case with the Mets. Money can overcome a lot of obstacles. I feel really bad for the Pirates and Royals fans that know they have no shot before the season even starts. Although things don’t look great for the Mets yet, we do have a shot.

Here are my five positive story lines for the season.

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Video: Mets 2010 Left Field- A Trade Awaits

Here’s an interview I did with Kerel Cooper of On The Black. We talked about the Mets left field situation for next year. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Thanks to Kerel Cooper for the invitation and check out his Mets video blog at On The Black.

Mets 2009 Season Disaster Finally Ending

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Carlos Delgado #21 of...

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The 2009 version of the New York Mets will finally disappear into oblivion this weekend. And I can’t wait for them to go away. There’s a chance for the team to wind up losing 94 games this season, the most losses since the Art Howe-era 2003 team that finished with 95 losses. In case you’re wondering, you can find a complete list of the Mets season records here. In a dreadful season, it’s worth taking a look at some past horrible seasons.

Sure, the Mets announced that they’re lowering ticket prices for next season. But don’t mistake that move as benevolence on the part of Mets ownership based on the torturous team they subjected us to this season. Reducing tickets prices is actually a calculated move to fill more seats for more games to meet revenue goals. The team likely didn’t meet their revenue goals for Pity (Citi) Field this season. So they used mathematical projections to determine the most likely pricing scheme to deliver their goals based on price/attendance correlation. Thanks Mr. Wilpon.

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Mets News Aug. 25, 2009: Wagner, Sheffield, Minaya, Santana

ST. LOUIS, MO - APRIL 3:  Billy Wagner #13 of ...
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For a team near the bottom of the National League standings, the Mets sure have a lot going on right now. You would think that they would be playing out the string and cruising into 2010. Did you know? There are only five teams in the NL with a worse winning percentage than the Mets; Nationals, Pirates, Reds, D-Backs, and Padres.

Here’s the news:

  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports writes that Billy Wagner will exercise his no-trade clause to block a move to the Red Sox. The deal must be completed by 1pm today.
  • Adam Bernacchio of The Ghost of Moonlight Graham writes about how several Mets players told the media that they expect Johan Santana to have season-ending elbow surgery
  • Nick Kapur of Ump Bump writes about how the Mets have mismanaged Johan Santana by allowing him to pitch injured for the last two months
  • Danny Knobler of CBS Sports writes about Gary Sheffield’s future. He wants to play next year and beyond in his pursuit of 3,000 hits. Sheffield needs 311 more hits to reach 3,000.
  • Jon Heyman of writes about Fred Wilpon’s vote of confidence for Omar Minaya and the Billy Wagner trade to the Red Sox scenario
  • Jon Boise of AOL Fanhouse writes that the Mets injuries this year may be evidence that God hates the Mets
  • Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports writes that Omar Minaya will have a difficult time turning things around in 2010

Gary Sheffield Unhappy With Mets; No Surprise

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 17:  Gary Sheffield #10 of...
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It was bound to happen at some point this season and now it has. Gary Sheffield isn’t happy with the Mets and even asked out of the lineup on Thursday night. He did play Friday but got thrown out for arguing balls and strikes and it looked like it was on purpose.

For all the talk of Sheffield being a team player when they signed him in April, that’s over now. He wants out or he wants a contract extension and neither is going to happen. The reports were that the Giants claimed Sheffield on waivers but they couldn’t work out a trade that was satisfactory to the Mets. So the Mets pulled him off waivers and have to keep him for the rest of the season.

Sheffield was surprised that he had to learn about this development through media reports and not Omar Minaya. He told reporters after Friday’s game that he was confused why the Mets wouldn’t let him go to play for a contender in San Francisco.

The Mets only have to deal with this for nine more games to finish out the month of August. Then they can release Sheffield after September 1 so he wouldn’t be eligible for another team’s postseason roster. If he continues to make a nuisance of himself, that’s exactly what they should do.

Mets News Aug. 19, 2009 Church, Sheffield, Santana, Wagner

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 28: Manager Jerry Manuel ...
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Of course, the big news of the day is the continuing feud between Ryan Church and Jerry Manuel. But there’s more on the heels of the Mets 9-4 win over Atlanta at Citi Field last night.

Here’s the news:

Mets In The News Aug. 14, 2009

After an off-day yesterday, the Mets return from a 2-5 road trip visiting two of the worst teams in baseball. San Diego and Arizona looked like All-Stars compared to this Mets team. Sadly, we now need to include the Mets as one of the worst teams in baseball. The Giants are in town this weekend, so at least we’ll have one quality team to watch at Citi Field.

Here’s the Mets in the news:

  • Joe Janish at Mets Today does an unbelievable job of describing the myth of Daniel Murphy
  • Mets manager Jerry Manuel wants Gary Sheffield back next year
  • The Mets have started to install imagery of famous players on the Field and Promenade levels, and the championship banners on the outfield wall. Finally!!! And they’re wearing some ridiculous throwback Giants uniforms this weekend.
  • Steve Popper of the Bergen Record is looking ahead to 2010
  • Ben Shipgel of the NY Times writes about how Daniel Murphy is going to benefit from Carlos Delgado’s latest injury setback