Game Preview: Mets at Giants [Game 36] May 17, 2009

giants-logoNew York Mets (20-15 Road: 8-7) at San Francisco Giants (18-17 Home: 12-7) 8:05 pm

Mike Pelfrey (4-0 4.89) vs. Matt Cain (3-1 3.00)


What to watch: The Mets are trying to complete the 4-game sweep in San Francisco tonight behind Pelfrey. The Mets offense has been red hot this week. Pelfrey has put together a string of four good starts in a row after some early season struggles. Cain has been up and down this season but hasn’t let any teams really get away from him during his starts.

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Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

5 thoughts on “Game Preview: Mets at Giants [Game 36] May 17, 2009”

  1. I’m watching Gamecast right now. Why did Manuel pinch hit for Murphy with the bases loaded in the 8th inning? Looks like a horrible managerial move.


  2. And now I remember the point about Affeldt. So far, left handed batters are hitting .390 against him with an OBP of .500. Right handers are hitting .195 with an OBP of .261. In a limited number of at bats, Murphy has hit lefties pretty well.
    I’d rather have Murphy in that spot than a guy that was recently called up.


    1. Yeah, that pinch hitting appearance by Pagan has been the subject of a lot of talk on WFAN today. Ramon Castro and Jose Reyes were still on the bench too. But I don’t have a big problem with it. I’m not a big Murphy fan so I’m biased though. He’s overrated.


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