Dodgers 2 – Mets 1 May 20, 2009

The Dodgers completed the sweep of the Mets tonight and sent New York to their fourth straight loss. You never would’ve thought the game would be 1-1 in the eighth inning of a game that Livan Hernandez and Jeff Weaver started. I thought it would’ve been 8-6 or something like that.

Hernandez pitched really well going 7 innings and giving up 1 run on 93 pitches. I’m shocked that I’m writing that because he appears to be pitching batting practice out there. It’s hard to understand how he doesn’t get shelled in every start. The problem came in the eighth inning with J.J. Putz… again. He gave up 2 walks and 2 hits including 1 run. That was the game.

Once again, the Mets had basically no offense. Carlos Beltran was 2 for 3 with a double but the Mets only had 7 hits in the game.

For those of you that couldn’t stay up to watch the game Daniel Murphy was fantastic at first base. He made all the plays including an unassisted double play. Clearly, he can pick it at first. If they’re trying to find a way to get his bat into the lineup… Consider that problem solved. He had to feel great about that after looking like such a bafoon in the outfield all season.

Jose Reyes left the game after his second at-bat. He was running out a ground out and his right leg injury was aggrevated. He limped off the field and immediately came out of the game. Ramon Martinez played the rest of the game at short. It looks like this injury is more serious than they originally thought.


Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

One thought on “Dodgers 2 – Mets 1 May 20, 2009”

  1. Ok, so when do we pull the plug on this team? Do we need to lose a few more games in a row?

    I am about to write an article about this team and I am struggling to find any silver lining…


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