Mets Reyes, Church To Disabled List

Jose ReyesThe Mets made a flurry of roster moves today that started by adding Jose Reyes and Ryan Church to the 15-day disabled list. Top prospect Fernando Martinez was called up to replace Church.

The Mets completed a trade with the Indians to address their shortstop issues. No. They didn’t get Mark DeRosa. They got Wilson Valdez for cash. Valdez is a 31 year old utility player that’s known as a slick fielder that can’t hit. He’s a .211 lifetime hitter that last played in the majors in 2007 with the Dodgers. He’s only played portions of 3 major league seasons. The word is that he’ll be added to the 25 man roster immediately.

Martinez will be in right field tonight. Don’t miss the fact that he’s playing against the Nationals, Marlins, and Pirates. Those are three teams that would desperately like to acquire top propsects that are major league ready. I’m not saying that he’ll be traded but the Mets might want to leave them with a nice taste of what Martinez can do.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

7 thoughts on “Mets Reyes, Church To Disabled List”

  1. I really hope they are not just showcasing F-Mart… The Mets need an outfielder with his tools and they should not give him up for anything less then an All-Star corner outfielder…

    If I were Omar I would slap the “Not and Chance in Hell” label on him ASAP!


    1. I’m with you on that. But it’s strange that Ryan Church spent the morning telling reporters that he’s fine to start playing, and then he’s on the disabled list and Fernando Martinez is playing right field. I know they don’t like Church but the timing is odd that they’re doing this against the lower level teams. It would be a nightmare if he made a “Mike Bordick” type of trade and Martinez went on the be an All-Star somewhere else. I still avoid thinking about Scott Kazmir.


    1. I read that Brian Schneider has been begging to come off the DL. The Mets front office keeps delaying him in Florida. Now they’re thinking of sending him to Buffalo to play some more “rehab” games. They’re stalling at this point trying to figure out how to keep Santos on the team. I’d send Murphy to Buffalo before Santos myself.


  2. Since they front office has been on the DL kick, Just put Murphy on the 15-day DL. Yeah, Murphy needs to go down for a little bit.


    1. He might be playing his way back to Buffalo with the way he’s been hitting lately. He’s in the lineup tonight though so we’ll get to see how badly Murphy wants to keep the first base job.


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