Report: Mets Deal With Injuries, Swine Flu Scare

Carlos BeltranBart Hubbuch of the New York Post is reporting today that SNY producer Dan Barr was sent back to New York and put in isolation while being evaluated for swine flu. With Carlos Beltran and John Maine already missing time due to the flu, this is a scary situation.

Beltran hasn’t played since he left Saturday’s game feeling ill. And Maine left his start on Sunday feeling ill with stomach problems as well. The Mets feel that both players are not at risk for swine flu.

Barr did travel on the team flight to Pittsburgh on Sunday, that’s when he started feeling sick. The Mets are so banged up right now that this is the last thing they need.

Maine stayed in New York to recover and flew to Pittsburgh today. I was surprised that Beltran wasn’t playing again today. The good news is that Alex Cora is back on the roster today. He replaced Angel Pagan who went on the disabled list yesterday with a strained groin.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Report: Mets Deal With Injuries, Swine Flu Scare”

  1. Not sure if I ever remember the Mets having this many injuries all at once. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Hopefully they won’t get too far behind the Phillies before they get healthy.


    1. I definitely can’t remember the Mets ever having this many injuries at one time. If they can stay afloat for a few weeks until some players get back from the disabled list I think they’ll be fine in the long run. I hope.


  2. Dave, I agree the illness and injury situation is beyond my recall. It is just hard to watch. What really concerns me is David Wright has become a hitter that is so inconsistent that he cannot hit a basic MLB fastball for weeks at a time, and when he does his power numbers are such that Dan Murphy has more home runs, and he still only has about 6 or 7 more RBI than Delgado who hasnt played in weeks. I wont even talk about the strikeouts, other then to say with strikeouts one usually hits home runs too..He looks like ARod in a post season game.


    1. Robin, Jerry Manuel talked about David Wright on his weekly WFAN interview today with “the pope”. Manuel said they’re trying to figure out why Wright is so hot and cold this season. They really need him to get back to consistent hitting if they have any chance of riding out these injuries in good shape.


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