Mets Reyes Has Hamstring Tear

Jose ReyesThe injury news for the Mets goes from bad to worse. After leaving an extended spring training game in Florida early this week because of pain, Jose Reyes was diagnosed with a slight tear in his hamstring.

He’s going to rest for two days and resume treatment for it on Sunday, but he’ll likely miss about a month. Since Reyes’ legs are his game, it’s possible that it could be longer than that.

We’ll have to get used to seeing Alex Cora (with an injured thumb) and Wilson Valedez out there on a daily basis. That’s not exactly what we’re used to.

Maybe we’ll get to see Ruben Tejada make his major league debut. He’s the 19 year old Panamanian shortstop playing with Double-A Binghamton. He’s hitting .281 with 1 HR and 19 RBI’s in 167 at-bats.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

4 thoughts on “Mets Reyes Has Hamstring Tear”

  1. It really seems like this team is rapidly falling apart… I am sure Omar has to be worried for his own job…

    He gave away too many prospects in getting the current team that he now has little or no talent to pull from the minor leagues…

    Reyes being out might simply kill this season… Just think if Brad Lidge didn’t blow 6 saves already…

    I am not saying we need to stick a fork in this team, but how much can we depend on Omir Santos, Fernando Martinez, Jeremy Reed, and so on and so on…

    If the Mets can get healthy by the All-Star break and still be within 5 games of the Phillies, then they have a real good shot at the division, but the Braves just got better, and the Phillies are HOT!!

    Lets just say I am not holding my breath…


    1. There’s a lot in that comment to address, but I’ll say that the Phillies bullpen looks a lot like the Mets bullpen of last year. Brad Lidge has already blown 6 saves and we’re only 1/3 into the season. That’s ugly. He blew another one last night in LA too.

      The Mets do need to hang on for a while until some people get healthy. As long as they’re within striking distance of the Phillies, I think they’ll be fine.


      1. Dave, I agree. But I cant help but be a little nervous about how the injuries are piling up…

        If the Phillies get hot and the Mets continue to struggle, then they could find themselves back 5-10 games in a hurry…

        Do you think they are looking to make some moves before the deadline?


      2. We’re all nervous that they could fall too far behind because of the injuries. And “yes”, I do expect them to make a move before the deadline. I expect it to be a blockbuster too. Fernando Martinez isn’t in Queens because he’s helping the team right now. This is a showcase for a trade. We’ll see Matt Holliday or Maglio Ordonez in the outfield in the second half of the season.


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