Yankees 9 – Mets 1 June 26, 2009

Although Mike Pelfrey didn’t have a bad game only allowing 2 earned runs in five innings, the Mets did the best they could to blow the game behind him. David Wright, Alex Cora, and Nick Evans committed the rare three errors in one inning during the second, that allowed 2 unearned runs to score during the 4 run inning. And that was pretty much it for the Mets.

The only offense of the night was a solo homer from Gary Sheffield in the fifth. Jerry Manuel was trying to get some more offense going by starting Ryan Church in center field. It didn’t generate any offense, but he did look good covering ground in the spacious area of Citi Field.

The bullpen didn’t help matter much last night behind Pelfrey either. Elmer Dessens got ripped for two homers in his second game as a Met, raising his ERA to 8.10, which is what I expected from him when he joined the team. Sean Green reverted to old form by giving up 2 runs in the ninth inning raising his ERA to an ugly 5.45.


Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

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