Mets, Minaya And Barry Bonds, Richie Sexson

Flickr photo courtesy of John H. Kim
Flickr photo courtesy of John H. Kim

There’s been so much talk, as there always is this time of year, about the Mets trade possibilities. I’m as guilty as the next person is about writing and talking about it. But I started thinking today that the Mets could get some much needed offensive help right off the street. There are two players that could walk in and start on this team right now that are unsigned. Omar Minaya needs to get creative before the non-waiver trading deadline and here’s how to do it.

Richie Sexson– Sure, his ’07 and ’08 seasons were forgettable. And I know he got a reputation as a locker room problem in Seattle. But didn’t Gary Sheffield come with baggage? And he’s worked out pretty well so far to say the least. Sexson is 34 years-old and a lifetime .261 hitter with 306 home runs. I’d much rather see him at first base until Carlos Delgado gets back than Daniel Murphy/Fernando Tatis. Big Sexy for first base.

Barry Bonds– I know, I know. I keep advocating for Bonds. But he could fit in nicely for the last 90 games of the season as an outfielder/pinch hitter. A Bonds/Sheffield platoon situation in left field would keep both players fresh and provide some more power in the lineup.

As much as the Mets are trying to showcase Fernando Martinez for a trade, he needs to hit to be traded. And that hasn’t happened, not even close. The Mets don’t need to empty the farm system and trade Bobby Parnell (the most attractive trading chip the Mets have) to get some help. Both Bonds and Sexson would definitely play for the prorated minimum salary that gives the Mets the flexibility to cut them if they don’t work out. It’s a win-win situation that will keep this team moving in the right direction until the injury situation resolves itself.

Murphy clearly isn’t a major league player yet, in the field especially or with the bat. He should be optioned to Triple- A Buffalo. Unfortunately, Fernando Tatis just hasn’t worked out this season. It’s time that the Mets eat the rest of his $1.7 million contract and let him go. That clears two roster spots for Bonds and Sexson.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

2 thoughts on “Mets, Minaya And Barry Bonds, Richie Sexson”

  1. After watching Stokes and Parnell get lit up last night, I don’t know what to think. I don’t think the bullpen was this bad at this point in time last season.


  2. I still think the position players are really the problem that Minaya needs to deal with. I think they’ll get Ollie and Maine back at some point. But adding some offense is what they should concentrate on.


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