Mets Fire Bernazard; Rubin’s Motives Questioned

Omar Minaya

The Mets finally fired VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard after several stories of misdeeds came out like this. It’s not a big surprise considering the transgressions that we’ve heard of. Minaya said that Mets human resources was looking into complaints about Bernazard prior to the NY Daily News publishing damning stories about him. Minaya said that inter-personal communication problems by Bernazard were the reason for the firing.

The bombshell came when Omar Minaya implied that the journalist that broke the stories about Bernazard, Adam Rubin, had an ulterior motive for writing his stories. Minaya said that Rubin has spoken to him and other people in the Mets organization about getting a job with them in player development.

Minaya said that he “scuffled” (whatever that means) when he read that Rubin was the person writing the stories. SNY showed Rubin on camera during the press conference, who appeared to be shocked by this public revelation.If this is true, it seems to be very unprofessional of Rubin. I can’t wait to read what Rubin has to say about this.

Instead of Bernazard, Rubin became the focus of this press conference. Amazing! It was another great moment in this season’s Mets soap opera.

Author: Dave Doyle

Frequently disappointed Mets fan

7 thoughts on “Mets Fire Bernazard; Rubin’s Motives Questioned”

  1. I just read the report on ESPN and listened to the press conference. Omar is going to get trounced by the beat writers and bloggers on this.

    I would be very surprised if he is the GM by the start of next season. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were gone before the end of this season.


    1. Minaya is getting blasted today in the papers. Bad idea to pick a fight with the press. I don’t know that he’ll be fired. The Mets still owe him for three more years and you know how cheap they are. But Minaya certainly didn’t strengthen his position yesterday. He looked nervous, unprofessional, immature, and petty.


      1. Yeah, The Met’s definitely don’t want to fire Minaya and pay him the 2-3 years left on his contract. My prediction is that he will be retained by the Met’s as the VP of player development while a new GM is put in place.


  2. I think we are sadly stuck with the 3 stooges for the foreseeable future. Manuel will go before they do, and he is the least culpable. Jerry was smart enough to know that Church is horrible, and he has began putting Omars other treasured Expo, Schneider ,on the bench instead of Santos against right handed pitchers.


  3. Beltran Quote taken from the Star Ledger reported on by Brendan Prunty:

    “If Rubin did what he did, if Rubin asked for a job like Omar said, then he should step out and say, ‘Yeah, I did,’ ” Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran said in the locker room. “I think doesn’t surprise me. I know Omar. He’s a very honest guy, so I believe that he’s saying the truth. I believe that he’s saying the truth. It’s between Rubin and having the credibility of say, ‘Yes, I did ask for the job. Or no, I did not ask for the job.’ Or prove that he didn’t say what he said.”

    I’m hoping he misunderstood the question posed to him.

    Shut up, heal and play ball Carlos!


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